Anti-Shift Crowd Rejoices: Matt Carpenter Bunted for a Double

This is actually pretty hilarious. I’m kinda in a grey area when it comes to the shift. I don’t hate it, but I also think it’s getting out of control in some aspects. Plays like this make me wish the Reds had the nuts or wherewithal to do something like this. We’ve all seen them try to lay down bunts, and it’s not pretty. To ask them to do this would be like asking me to go five minutes without looking at my phone. It’s not gonna happen so quit asking.

Matt Carpenter put a feather in the cap of the anti-shift crowd when he pushed a bunt to the third base side where there wasn’t a Marlin within 50-feet and guaranteed himself a double as long as he didn’t trip rounding first base, much to the delight of the 724,384 in attendance at Busch Stadium tonight. This must be what they’re always talking about when they say they play the game the right way. The third baseman wants to line up as the first base coach? Might as well show off your bunting chops. Cardinal fans are all about making things great again, so it’s good to see them getting behind the basics of the game and luckily they have an ambassador in Matt Carpenter to lead the way. Ironically, this isn’t the first carpenter to find his way into the hearts of the fans in St. Louis, but I’m not sure how many sayings Matt has that they can misquote in their Twitter profiles that are strictly for attacking Dexter Fowler and anyone else that doesn’t wear their hat……

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