Mac’s Cincinnati Reds Throwback Uniform Series: 1936 Edition [Palm Beach Alternate]

Throughout the 2019 season, the Cincinnati Reds will be wearing a series of throwback uniforms to commemorate their 150th Anniversary and being the birthplace of professional baseball. Each weekend during a home series, the Reds will wear the uniforms from a different era to put their rich baseball history on display. Along with the Reds’ celebration, I will be reviewing and providing thoughts on each uniform throughout the season.

reds 1936

I’m not gonna lie. The 1936 Palm Beach Alternates are putting my mind in an absolute pretzel. As a uniform purist, I want to vomit. But as someone who loves quirky things and weird moments in history, I love these. Even if they might look like a jersey a fastpitch softball team would wear.

Call me crazy but I don’t think the red pants are gonna be as forgiving to Anthony DeSclafani on the mound today..

I know I bitched and moaned about the scheduling of the bobbleheads in prior uniform reviews, but this is another one that just doesn’t make sense to me. Ernie Lombardi also wore the Palm Beach Alternates, so why wouldn’t they do his bobblehead in these either? This would be a classic conversation starter when you bring a date home and things are starting to get boring.

Woah, what’s the deal with the red pants on that Reds bobblehead? They never had red pants, did they? 

Funny you should ask, they actually wore these in 1936 as an alternative option to the flannel jerseys that would get too hot during the summer. Ernie Lombardi was on that team, and that’s why he’s the bobblehead that is wearing the Palm Beach Alternates. Now let me do the awkward stretch-while-putting-my-arm-around-you move. 

I’m actually kinda bummed I’m not going down to the ballpark to sweat my ass off because this is one of the throwback hats I’d really like to add to my collection. Plus I think Joey is gonna look super sexy in his red pants.

Cincinnati Reds New Era 1936 150th Anniversary Turn Back the Clock 59FIFTY Fitted Hat - White/Red

Like I said in my blog yesterday, I hope the red pants have some magic in them because Jon Lester has owned the Reds throughout his career, just like Joey Votto has owned the Cubs this season. Regardless, the Reds will look stunning for one afternoon regardless of the final score.

Mac’s 150th Anniversary Throwback Rating: 117/150 – This score is a bit misleading. I’m not really a fan of the look itself and wouldn’t want it as part of the permanent look, but I love the quirkiness of the uniform. The hat is stellar, the Reds script is fine as far as alternate logos go, and the font is plain (aka perfect). The red pants are a nice moment in Reds history that spanned over exactly one season and was a fun attempt at making a jersey that wasn’t so damn hot during the Cincinnati summers. So while these uniforms get a high score, it’s not because I think the look is worthy of being a staple, it’s more of ironic admiration of the uniforms. You ever want to hate something so much that you end up loving it? That’s exactly how I feel about Jeff these uniforms. 

Next up: July 6th — 1939 uniform vs. Cleveland Indians

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