Legend Rip Torn Passes Away at the Age of 88

July 9th, 2019: Go fuck yourself.

This news really sucks. I don’t know why, but I really had no idea Rip Torn was 88 years old. Gun to my head, I would’ve guessed mid-70s. He has had so many amazing roles in movies that I have passed out to drunken night after drunken night throughout college and early adulthood. He was the perfect cantankerous dad in Freddy Got Fingered¬†and an incredible but fucked up former dodgeball legend in DodgeBall.

I know he was in a shit ton of other stuff, but these were the two movies that were constantly in my rotation that he had roles in. Even if he wasn’t a main character in either of the movies, he stole the show every time he was on screen. What a legend.

RIP, Rip Torn. You made us laugh for years, whether you were slinging wrenches at a bunch of lovable losers, talking about drinking your own piss or trying to kill your man-child son, Tom Green.



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