The Next Four Games Will Decide The Reds’ Fate

Whoooooooooooooooooo buddddddddy……. if you were to tell me the Reds would be playing meaningful baseball vs. the Cubs in August, I would’ve asked how ugly the plane crash was that led to the demise of the Brewers and Cardinals. Like every season, I had false hope, but I think at the end of the day I probably knew the Reds were a year away from being a legit contender in the NL Central. But here we are in August with the Reds 7-games back from the NL Central leading Cubs coming to down for a 4-game series.

To say the Reds control their own destiny and have the opportunity to really put themselves into the playoff conversation this weekend would be an understatement. The Reds hold the series lead at 7-5 coming into tonight, going 4-2 at Great American Ball Park. Saying the Cubs are significantly worse on the road would be underselling how bad they’ve been (21-33 on the road vs. 41-19 at home).  And don’t worry.. the Cubs aren’t rattled by any means, and their gimmicky manager isn’t doing gimmicky things to try to right the ship.

Never change, Joe Maddon. Sure, that’ll do the trick.

I won’t worry about the jerseys that are hanging in the locker that they’re not even allowed to wear, I’ll just worry about some more stats to back up how miserable the Cubs are on the road.

Thanks, Listener Jeff, if that’s even your real name.

It’s too bad the clubhouse attendants couldn’t hang that tweet in every Cub locker without the risk of losing their job. What a cupcake society we’re living in these days…

This entire series is matching up like a playoff series, with eight absolute studs going head to head in each of the four games. Every one of these pitchers could be an ace on other major league ball clubs, but we get the benefit of watching them for four straight games on the banks of the Ohio River.

Image result for rubbing hand gif

Lord have mercy. I’m not just saying I’m excited. I’m saying I have about 45-minutes until I should contact my doctor according to the commercials.

The Reds can completely shift the narrative of the 2019 season with four days of good baseball, making us forget about that miserable 1-8 start. Actually, I’ll never forget those miserable two weeks, but it’s times like that that make you appreciate weekends like this.

It wouldn’t shock me if the Reds win this series in convincing fashion, even completing a sweep just to turn around and lose 10 in a row,  destroying their playoff aspirations. Then again, maybe this is the type of series that launches our hometown squad onto their path to the playoffs and they won’t need to just #SneakOnIn like Joey Votto suggested. Plus, #SalsaOnIn sounds and looks a lot better.

Suarez Joey GIF - Suarez Joey Votto GIFs

If you’re heading down to GABP this weekend, be sure to wear red, drown out all the Cubs fans that made the trip down from Fort Wayne and cheer like a maniac when the Reds pitching staff wins everyone pizza. I can’t wait to look at the standings Sunday night and find myself in another situation where I have to make an after-hours call to my doctor.

Go Reds

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