The Padres Rick Rolled Red Sox Fans and it was ‘So Good! So Good!’

Some things are bigger than the game itself. Sure, having winning team is great, but have you ever trolled an entire stadium of the opposing fan base?

This is just phenomenal work out of the San Diego stadium operations or stadium DJ or whoever makes these types of decisions. This isn’t an anti-Red Sox take or anything, but just an anti-opposing fans that expect to be treated like they’re the home team just because they root for a team with a bandwagon sprawling fan base. We used to see it in Columbus when Chicago Blackhawks fans would scream during Leo’s rendition of the national anthem at Nationwide Arena. We see it from time to time at Reds games when opposing fans interject their own idiosyncrasies into Take Me Out to the Ballgame. 

You wanna replace “home team” with your team’s name? Fine. That doesn’t bother me one bit because we say “root… root root for the Redlegs”. But don’t expect that just because you drove 14-miles from home to see your favorite team that is stationed thousands of miles away means you’re gonna get all of the traditions you would at your home ballpark or stadium. Chicago fans were regularly appalled at the weird looks they’d get while screaming during the Star Spangled Banner. They would get so steamed that the perfect creases in their jerseys they just bought two weeks ago would fade away quicker than their fandom after a few tough losses.

I don’t think that’s what was going on here in San Diego. For the most part, Sox fans probably thought it was a nice gesture by the Padres organization to play Sweet Caroline in the middle of the eighth inning, which is made it even that much more perfect. I’m hoping the fans at the stadium found more humor in the situation than folks did on Twitter….

It would appear that they…. didn’t. To which I have to say:

Image result for how do you like them apples gif

I’m always up for a good Rick Roll, but I hope the rest of the MLB doesn’t try to copy this every time the Red Sox come to their city. Some things just can’t be topped, and regardless of the scoreboard, the Padres won today.

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