Suck it Vegas. 12-point underdog Ohio Bobcats Win Outright 65-52 in Season Opener vs. A10 Powerhouse St. Bonaventure

What a way to open the Jeff Boals Era for the Ohio Bobcats. And who knew he had these dance moves? Not this guy. This is a welcomed surprise.

This year’s squad was picked to finish dead last in the MAC and there wasn’t much hope that they’d even put up a fight to get out of the basement depending on which “experts” you listened to. I guess it was expected they’d win tonight no matter the low-expectations when you take a look back at history.

How’s that for a stat? I have been a Bobcat since 2004 and I had no idea how dominant the Cats have been in the season opener since 2003. Pretty crazy to think that I’ve never known an OU team to start out anything less than 1-0 for 16 straight seasons. Also, that’s very depressing to just now realize how long ago freshman year was. Fuck.

Ohio didn’t just come in and squeak out a victory against a St. Bonaventure team that some think could hear their name called on Selection Sunday, they controlled the entire game. Jay Preston led the way with a double-double (11 points, 13 assists). You may remember him more for his sweet dunk that went semi-viral a few weeks ago, but he also moonlights as the Bobcats’ sophomore point guard.

Earlier tonight, I said I’d be happy with 10-15 wins in Jeff Boals’ first campaign in Athens. Now I’m thinking this is a team that can keep it interesting in the MAC East from start to finish. Maybe I’ll look like an asshole come March (that’s almost a guarantee either way), but there was a lot to be excited about when looking at the box score. And this is without last year’s Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year Ben Roderick even seeing a minute of action, something I expect will change as the season goes on.

OU SB box score

Sure a few little things could use improvement, like free throw efficiency and limiting the turnovers, but these are the types of growing pains you expect when you’re dealing with a new coach and a few new faces. Let’s just hope Jay Preston, Jordan Dartis and Ben Vander Plas can keep leading the way while the rest of the Bobcats find their footing and hit the ground running on their way to Cleveland for the MAC tournament.

Before we go, can we talk about the Mickey Mouse operation St. Bonaventure is running up there in New York? This is a college gym? Be better, Bonnies. This is a middle of the road high school gym throughout much of the Midwest. Sad to see. No wonder Xavier left you guys.

Also, Jon Rothstein is a loser that can lick a butthole. It’s a scheduled home-and-home and there’s not that much of a disparity between the MAC and A10 when looking at the conferences as a whole and not viewing VCU’s success as a resume for the entire conference.  To act like the Bonnies scheduled the Little Sisters of the Poor just to get a cheap win to start the season is fucking stupid and he should be embarrassed for pressing send on this tweet. 

1-0. Now beat Miami tomorrow night in football and give me the only good week of sports I’ve had in over a year. OU Oh Yeah

UPDATE: I don’t hate Jon Rothstein as much anymore.




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