The NCAA Can Fine Student-Athletes?

I haven’t really followed the whole James Wiseman Saga at Memphis for the past few weeks. I remember hearing word that the top NBA Draft prospect from Memphis was getting suspended and thought “huh, that sucks. At least Cincinnati can continue to be Penny Hardaway’s daddy now that he won’t be a factor.” Well… not so fast my friend. It turns out both match-ups with the Bearcats fall after the NCAA’s date of January 12th to clear Wiseman. Under one condition.

This seems like a very weird number to land on.. off to the Google machine!

It turns out this is the exact amount that Penny Hardway gave to the Wiseman family to pay of moving expenses from Nashville to Memphis. $11,500 to move? Its not like the Wiseman family was moving from Bangladesh to Memphis. There’s no way it costs $11,500 to move across state. As someone who has lived in three separate cities in the great state of Ohio, I can personally guarantee it doesn’t cost that much to move a few hundred miles.

It’s clear there were some shenanigans going on and someone’s pocket was being lined with Benjamin Franklins. Was it worth trading a life in the mecca of Hot Chicken for a life in a city with second-rate BBQ for the price of 2008 Honda Civic with low-mileage, mostly highway? I would say no, but everyone’s different.

Now it’s up to James Wiseman to find a way to raise $11,500 to donate to a charity; a punishment, without doing any research, has to be a first for the already ridiculous NCAA. Best of luck to James to come up with this money that will fit into the NCAA’s bylaws. It’ll be a tough look for the NCAA when he has to sell a game worn jersey just so he can donate nearly $12k to Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure.


PS- It probably doesn’t bode well for his future as a pro that I kept almost typing Jameis Winston instead of James Wiseman. Sorry, Wizards/Knicks fans.

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