BREAKING: Tom Izzo Has Resigned

…from the National Association of Basketball Coaches Board. Sorry, I don’t know why that part of the title got cut off. But while you’re here, why don’t you listen to read my bitching about the NCAA.

I would say Izzo is being a whiny bitch, taking his ball and going home, but I 100% agree with him here. The NCAA’s waiver process has been so confusing and difficult to figure out. You have clowns like Tate Martell being granted immediate eligibility in Miami just because he was getting beat in Ohio State’s QB battle and didn’t have the sack to stick around and try to win the job in summer camp. Meanwhile, Brock Hoffman’s hardship waiver was denied when he tried to transfer to Virginia Tech to be closer to home so he could help with his mom who had been dealing with complications from her non-cancerous brain tumor.

I will never side with the NCAA on anything, unless it’s a decision to delegate Miami (OH) to D-II. So thank you for taking a stand, Mr. Izzo.. Even if this just means you were probably tired of the extra work your additional duties required and you had been looking for an out since day one.

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