Canada Hates Joey Votto

Joey Votto is arguably one of the best Canadian-born baseball players of all time.  So it’s no surprise that many Canadians were displeased to hear him come out and say that he doesn’t “give a rat’s ass” about Canadian baseball.  In a recent interview for Yahoo Sports MLB Podcast, Votto was asked about fellow Canadian James Paxton’s no-hitter that he threw recently in Toronto.  While Joey did say he was happy for Paxton as an individual and as a fellow baseball player, he said that he didn’t care about the fact that Paxton did it as a Canadian or that he did it on Canadian soil.  Votto went on to explain that having spent almost half his life in American baseball, he really doesn’t feel a strong connection to Canadian baseball anymore.  He later apologized for what he said, and for how bluntly he said it, but many Canadians are still not happy with him.  At least according to Twitter.

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In Desperate Attempt to Attract OSU Fans, Bengals Choose not to Draft JT Barrett

It’s no secret that Bengals fans are fed up with the organization right now. After five straight years of first-round playoff exits, they’ve failed to make the postseason the past two years. The team seems to be headed in the wrong direction, and without much promise for a quick turnaround. Sprinkle in a handful of on- and off-the-field incidents and you’ve got a level of discontent in the fan base that’s at an all time high. Most feel that the majority of the blame falls with head coach Marvin Lewis, who’s failed to deliver a playoff victory after 15 seasons. For a brief moment this past season, it felt like change was finally on the way when reports surfaced that Marvin did not plan to return next year. That hope was short lived, however. Marvin came out and denied the reports the next day, and Mike Brown offered him a two-year extension after the season ended. For many fans, that was the last straw. Now the team’s leaders are faced with the task of replacing the fans that they’ve driven away. Luckily for them, there’s a massive college fan base just a couple hours up I-71, and they took some pretty obvious steps during the draft to tap into that fan base.

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Fortnite Scholarships are a Real Thing That Exists in 2018

People often ask me, “Whitty, are you satisfied with the career choices that you’ve made in life?” A wildly minimally successful blogger writing for a website that is literally read by millions dozens of people every week? Of course, what’s not to love? I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made that have led me to this point in my career. At least I didn’t until I learned that Fortnite scholarships were a thing. You mean to tell me you can get paid to go to school as long as you promise to play video games competitively for them? Where do I sign up?

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The Sedin Twins Should be Inducted into the Hall of Fame as One Person

Henrik and Daniel Sedin just played the final game of their career on Saturday night. In case you missed it, the Sedins announced their retirement on Monday.  After 18 years with the Vancouver Canucks, the world’s favorite pair of Swedish twins have decided to hang up the skates in order to spend more time with family.  I’m not typically one to nitpick, but when you’ve played on the same line as your twin brother for your entire career, don’t you pretty much spend time with family every single game?  Seems like a piss poor excuse to me, but I digress.  I always hated the Sedins.  Not because there was anything unlikable about them personally, but because they were just so damn good.  I hated when my team had to play against them. It was almost unfair how much chemistry they had on the ice, but I guess when you’ve grown up with someone your entire life and you share the same set of genes, you’re going to be pretty in tune with each other.  They were incredibly talented, and I think there’s no doubt that they’ll be headed to the Hall of Fame some day.  Still, if they want to boost those chances, they may be better off lobbying to be inducted as a single person. They’re practically the same person anyways…
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Fortnite is Taking Over the World

If you aren’t into video games (or aren’t in a relationship with someone who is) then you may not be familiar with the game Fortnite. But even if you’ve never seen or played the game, chances are you’ve seen or heard references to it on TV, in the news or on social media. It’s one of the most widely popular video games I’ve ever seen. Where else can you get a professional video game player, a rapper and an NFL athlete all coming together to play a video game streamed live for over 600,000 people? When Drake, Travis Scott and some NFL receiver joined pro gamer Ninja for an evening of Fortnite, they broke streaming records. Athletes, celebrities and moderately popular bloggers everywhere are squadding up with average Joes like you and me and I’ve never seen anything like it. The newly released mobile version of the game brought in over $15 million in just a few weeks, and it’s a free-to-play game! As my good friend Jefe put it, Fortnite is changing the world of gaming as we know it.

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The NFL is Ruining Football

On Tuesday the NFL announced that it had approved a rule change to expand the scope of the helmet-hit rule. Under the new rule, any player who lowers their helmet to initiate contact with an opponent could be subject to a 15-yard penalty. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the player could also be ejected. In addition to this change, the NFL is currently working on a “targeting” rule similar to the one in place today in college football.

Player safety has been a hot topic over the last few years, fueled by recent studies into the long-term effects of brain injuries and by the numerous highly publicized struggles of former players who suffered from CTE. I’m certainly in favor of making the game safer. I also agree that rules changes are going to be necessary to protect the lives of NFL players, not just while they’re playing, but long after they’ve retired. That being said, a poorly implemented “player safety” rule can have a negative impact on games, so the NFL will have to be careful with how these rules are implemented. The college targeting rule, for example, has led to many unnecessary penalties and unwarranted ejections, even with the aid of replay. Let’s take a look at some hits that, under the NFL’s newly updated helmet-hit rule, could have led to a penalty and even a possible ejection.

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Story of the Tournament: Loyola or UMBC?

The Final Four is set. On one side you have two basketball powerhouses in Villanova and Kansas. On the other, a second-rate school with a shitty athletic program that somehow managed to luck their way into the Final Four, and the Loyola Ramblers. (And for those of you keeping score at home, my “Perfect Bracket” turned out to be not even close.) The Ramblers, and their #1 fan Sister Jean, are on an amazing run, becoming just the fourth 11 seed in NCAA tournament history to reach the Final Four. None of the other three managed to make it into the finals, so if Loyola can knock off michigan on Saturday they will be in unprecedented territory. And if that happens, we have a serious question to answer: Who is the bigger story of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, Loyola or UMBC?

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