I’m Officially Out on Peeps

Whyyy Peeps?? Whyyyyyyyy? How could you fall into the same trap Oreos have fallen into with their garbage limited edition flavors? You get one holiday a year: Easter. And now you fucked it up. Is this what Jesus rose from the dead for? I doubt it.

Until today, I was a HUGE Peeps guy. I always start by eating the heads off of the little fellas, or nibbling the ears off of the bunny rabbits. Eventually I just stuff the whole Peep in my mouth until my jaws start to cramp up and I can’t handle another ball of marshmallow covered in sugar. I don’t know if I could even find joy in that anymore. I’m willing to test the theory later today, but that would require putting on something other than gym shorts, and I don’t see that happening.

“Well Mac, will you be buying the yellow or pink Peeps when you muster up the motivation to get dressed for the day?” some might ask. Truth be told, I’m not sure. I might even go blue, but it will be a game time decision and depend on what Kroger has.

If you’re wondering if I’d buy chicks or bunnies, the answer will always be chicks. I’m a dude, so all chicks, all the time. That is, unless someone drops a tray of bunnies in my Easter basket, which I still get every year.

I can tell you one thing though, I won’t be buying the Pancake & Syrup Peeps.

Ok, I probably will. But I’m not gonna be happy about it.

Hungry Hungry Jefe #3: Nacho Fries

Taco Bell is a favorite for several of us at Milliron Sports we have all spent a lot of time and money over the years at this factory of deliciousness. They will always be known for experimenting with different menu items, and it is very exciting for all of us at Milliron Sports. (Yes we are fat guys!)

Today Jefe sees if Taco Bell’s latest creation is a major hit or epic fail. As always in this segment I will rate each item on a 1(gross)-10(get in my belly) scale. If you try it and disagree please let me know!

Be sure to comment below on any items you want to see me try. Also, let me know what your favorite Taco Bell menu item is and I will give it a try.

Jefe’s 25 Beers ‘til Christmas: Day 25

Welcome to the twenty-fifth day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas it has been a blast sampling all these holiday beers. All of you are enjoying/ stressing about running around to family Christmas here and family Christmas there. Chances are you spent all your money buying way too many gifts and I will be the first to tell you craft beer can be expensive. If you want to try this countdown for yourself buying individual beers is definitely the way to go. So let’s wrap this up in proper fashion and go with rating a must have beer for this holiday season. I will be rating the last holiday classic like all of the others on a 1 to 5 scale.

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Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas: Day 24

Welcome to the twenty-fourth day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas today I sample a beer out of Lexington Kentucky. I don’t know about you, but when I think Kentucky two things come to mind for me: where’s the bourbon and god I can’t wait to leave Kentucky. I will let you know if I can add visiting West Sixth Brewing to that list, by rating their take on Christmas Ale on a 1 to 5 scale.

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Jefe’s 25 Beers ‘til Christmas: Day 23

Welcome to the twenty-third day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas today I try a beer from a brewery I have never heard of before. I will be rating it on a 1 to 5 scale. Let’s see if Texas knows how to make a good holiday beer.

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Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas: Day 22

Welcome to the twenty-second day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas, today I give the worst city with baseball’s best fans a chance to redeem themselves for just being all around horrible people. I will do this by rating a St. Louis based breweries take on Christmas Ale on a 1 to 5 scale. Continue reading

Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas: Day 21

Welcome to the twenty-first day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas today I am trying my last beer from the Samuel Adams seasonal pack I purchased. I will be rating this beer an a 1 to 5 scale. I have really enjoyed the seasonal pack from Samuel Adams so far, I hope this last beer is as good as the rest.

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Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas: Day 20

Welcome to the twentieth day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas we are just fives days away from the big day. Today I will give Akron a chance to make up for giving the world Mr. Subtweet. This beer better knock my socks off with how I already feel about having to WITNESS the career of Akron’s most famous try hard. I will be rating this beer on a 1-5 scale. I hope it doesn’t suck.

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Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas: Day 19

Welcome to the nineteenth day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas today I will be reviewing a beer once again from the greatest place on earth, Cincinnati. MadTree is a brewery I have always wanted to visit and still plan too. I have tried several of their beers and I am a huge fan. I will be rating this seasonal holiday beer on a 1 to 5 scale. So was it another MadTree classic or a bust?

Thundersnow by MadTree Brewing Company (@MadTreeBrewing)

Beer Type: Spiced Scottish Ale

Location: The 513, The Nati, The Real Queen City, Cincinnati!

I am rating this beer a 4.25. MadTree got this one right this is definitely a perfect winter beer. This is also a beer you really want to enjoy so take your time drinking this and savor the flavors. This is a very smooth beer for having a higher ABV (Alcohol by Volume), I could definitely enjoy a sixer of this on a cold winter night. If you have tried this seasonal beer from MadTree Brewery please let me know what you think. Debating on beer is always fun to do since we all have different opinions on taste.

Source: Makeagif.com

Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas: Day 18

Welcome to the eighteenth day of Jefe’s 25 beers ’til Christmas today I review a southern companies take on Christmas Ale. Abita Brewing Company is located just an hour away from N’Awlins, so with the party reputation, NO has I was excited to try this beer. I will let you know what I thought by rating this southern beer on a 1 to 5 scale.

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