Hungry Hungry Jefe: Skyline Chili Pizza

Welcome to another edition of Hungry Hungry Jefe, it has been a while but I am back and hungrier than ever. Going forward besides trying the latest and strangest in food items I find at various restaurants and stores, I am going to be trying recipes I find online that intrigue me and I will let you know if they are worth a try or not. Continue reading

I Think I’m Going to Dinner With Marlins Man

Tonight was just an ordinary Monday night. I was sitting around scrolling through Twitter, getting ready to start Monday Night Raw on a delay because 8pm always sneaks up on me. How is someone supposed to consume five hours of wrestling a week, hold a normal 9-5 job and blog along with other necessary things like helping raise a kid, catching up on Kevin Can Wait and making sure the dog is fed? It’s insanity. I’m not saying I’m a hero, but I don’t know many people that can pull it off quite like I seem to every week. Oh yeah, the Reds are on too. Crap, I don’t know how it’s gonna get done tonight, but I’ll find a way.  Continue reading

Official Statement: I Can’t Decide if I Like Chick-fil-A Sauce or Polynesian Sauce Better

I realize this is a cruel thing to post on a Sunday when you can’t run straight to Chick-fil-A after reading, laughing, re-reading, retweeting and telling thousands of your closest friends to read this blog. May I suggest Skyline if you’re blessed enough to live near a location? Me, I just need the two Skyline locations in my life: the one in my hometown and the one by work. I know they’ll treat me right and I don’t need to whore myself to other Skylines when I know the same people will give me the same great coneys every time I roll up in the drive thru with my $15 in hand.

Anyway, let’s not get off topic. That’s not why we’re here. We’re here because I found something out last night that I never thought was possible. My love for Chick-fil-A sauce is being challenged by something very close to the famous sauce itself. You know what they always say… keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Well, in this case apparently keeping your enemies closer didn’t help because I saw the Chick-fil-A employee (who was lovely, by the way) grab the Polynesian Sauce from the bin directly next to the Chick-fil-A Sauce. That’s right folks, I can’t decide which one I like better for my waffle fries and spicy chicken sandwich (cheese only, of course).  Continue reading

I Think Someone at Arby’s is Trying to Poison Me

Today started out like any ordinary Wednesday. I hit my snooze button repeatedly on my Apple Watch before tossing on my L.L. Bean house slippers on my way to the bathroom. Should I take a nice relaxing bath to start the day or the standard 35-minute shower? It felt like a shower kinda day, so who was I to argue? It’s clear I’m a man of fine taste with a refined palate, so it was obvious what I was getting for dinner a short twelve hours later. Arby’s.

Who doesn’t love a big sloppy Beef ‘n Cheddar with a side of curly fries? Hell, I was feeling good so I even threw on an order of cheese sticks for the trek home. I had my night planned out: I was going to go home, destroy my feast from Arby’s, finish watching Monday Night Raw on the DVR and even clear out Smackdown Live if I could stay awake. Who knows, maybe even a little Goldberg’s action if I wasn’t ready to go to bed. Man, oh man was I in for a surprise.  Continue reading

NFL Hooks up with Pizza Hut Hours After Dumping Papa John’s

Breakups are never easy, but they’re a fact of life. Not every relationship is perfect. Not every relationship can last forever. When you get dumped, it hurts. When you see your ex with someone else less than 24 hours later, it’s devastating. That’s what poor Papa John’s is finding out right now. As my good friend Mac pointed out Tuesday, the NFL has decided to part ways with Papa John’s as it’s official pizza sponsor. In a brutal move, the NFL announced a deal with Pizza Hut less than 24 hours after dropping Papa John’s. I bet Papa John hadn’t even gotten a chance to collect his toothbrush and phone charger from Roger Goodell’s apartment yet.

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NFL to John Schnatter: “YOU are not the Papa”

ESPN –  Papa John’s is no longer the official pizza of the NFL.

CEO Steve Ritchie said on the company’s earnings conference call that the league and the company mutually decided it was in their best interests for Papa John’s, which became the official pizza of the league in 2010, to give up the designation.

As first reported by resident nerd Darren “Dan” Rovell at ESPN, the inevitable has happened. Papa John’s is no longer the official pizza of the NFL. It’s been a rocky relationship over the past year or two, leading to Papa John himself being replaced as the CEO after he blamed the NFL’s anthem protests for his drop in pizza sales.

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Down With Burger King

I’ll set the stage for you. It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t even begin to imagine spending my lunch hour in my office.. Warm, sunny, slight breeze. Everything you want in a mid-February afternoon.

Before I get too far into the story I’ll address the elephant in the room. I know what you’re thinking, “surely someone with your highly sought after skills has an office with windows.” I do, in fact. I’m wall to wall with windows but not floor to ceiling. Something I’ll be sure to bring up when it’s time to negotiate my next contract.

After walking to my car I realized I didn’t have anything to eat for lunch, so I would just hit a drive thru on my way back from driving around town admiring the nice weather. It was too windy with the windows open so I had to settle for air conditioning inside the car rather than the lovely temperature outside. At that point I realized I wasn’t doing anything at all to enjoy the nice weather, but I was in too deep and decided to keep following the plan. After taking a few laps around the city, it was time to head back. I hit a crossroad, both literally and figuratively. Wendy’s and McDonald’s were both on the left side of the four-lane road I was driving down and would require left hand turns to head back to the office. Sure, there are intersections with lights, but no green turn arrows. So who knows how long I’d be sitting there, shoveling fries into my mouth, waiting to turn left. At that point my only two options on the right side of the road were Panera Bread and Burger King. I absolutely despise Panera Bread, plus I hate just about any restaurant that I have to get out of my car for. Burger King it is.

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