Adam Eaton Just Added a Trash Talk Comeback to My Arsenal

If you were on Twitter last night, you were sure to see some of the Adam Eaton vs. Todd Frazier back and forth from the Nationals-Mets game. Like most baseball flare-ups, it was nothing more than a shouting match between two guys who probably had no interest in actually throwing punches if it came to it.

See? Pretty much nothing worth writing home about. Thanks to, I was watching the rest of the game with bated breath hoping we’d at least see something else go down.

Unfortunately, that moment never came.

After the game, the two verbal combatants were asked about their little disagreement and this is what we got:

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If We Can’t Open Doors With Hand Sanitizer Like Germany (or somewhere over there), Then What Are We Even Living For?

Reddit user zebra145 said it best when they said “Why is this not a thing?” Does anything else need to be said? Probably not but I’ll try anyway.

Lucky for you, u/zebra145 is just some random person on Reddit, and I get paid pay to write about stuff like this when I stumble across it on the internet. There aren’t many things I see that make me say “ooooh, I need that” (except for every sponsored ad on Instagram and 95% of my suggested Amazon products), but this is absolutely something we need in America. I’m not a worldly man. I’ve been to Jamaica, Mexico and Italy. I’ve never been brave enough to venture into Canada, so I’m sure as shit not gonna find myself in Germany or wherever in the hell this is. Continue reading

Did a Guy With Face Paint and a Man Bun Save the Lakers Franchise?

In case you haven’t heard, Lakers fans are fed up with the direction of their franchise and came out by the dozen to protest outside of Staples Center yesterday afternoon. They can’t seem to find a coach, LeBron has alienated every premiere player in the league so nobody wants to join him, and Magic Johnson quit without telling his bosses because he didn’t want to have an uncomfortable conversation. Honestly, I was expecting riots because the LA fan base is large and proud. Then again, #LATraffic, amirite? Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping, Luis Castillo Officially Declared Himself a Cy Young Candidate

West coast baseball used to be a treat. In college, it just meant we had something to watch while we ordered food, drank whatever was left over in the keg from the weekend before and hours of MLB The Show Rivalry Mode (BRING IT BACK, SONY). Now, it’s exhausting. Every year when the Reds make their trips out west, I get really excited to watch late night baseball, just to fall asleep by the 5th inning. Last night was no different. Pizza -> Iron Man -> Reds game -> asleep by the 5th inning.

Just because the rest of Cincinnati fell asleep after a belly full of Trotta’s and Tony Stark being a badass doesn’t mean Luis Castillo didn’t continue to mow down the National League one game at a time.  Continue reading

Mac’s Cincinnati Reds Throwback Uniform Series: 1911 Edition

Throughout the 2019 season, the Cincinnati Reds will be wearing a series of throwback uniforms to commemorate their 150th Anniversary and being the birthplace of professional baseball. Each weekend during a home series, the Reds will wear the uniforms from a different era to put their rich baseball history on display. Along with the Reds’ celebration, I will be reviewing and providing thoughts on each uniform throughout the season.

Reds 1911

After last night’s dominating performance in the 1902 uniforms, the Cincinnati Reds will sport their away jersey from the 1911 season. The blue and red is the signature look of our intrastate rival the Cleveland Indians, so I’m not really too high on the look our mighty Redlegs will be taking the field in for today’s afternoon game. The Reds should be red. Not blue. Red. Continue reading

The Reds Front Office is Done Lollygaggin’ Around. Matt Kemp Released, Scott Schebler Optioned to Triple-A

Let’s just get the Scott Schebler news out of the way first. I think we all knew this would happen and honestly, it happened a day later than I anticipated.

I assumed top prospect Nick Senzel getting called up meant Schebler was out, but they decided to wait a day on the move for whatever reason. It’s one thing to hit .123 through the first month of the season, but it’s another thing to look as lost and as clueless as Schebler has at the plate. Aside from a game here or there and his at-bat with bases loaded last night, he’s looked like a high school sophomore getting a major league call up like it’s some fucking Disney movie. Only this is real life and not a Disney movie, so the 15-year-old isn’t there to save the day. He’s gonna strike out every damn time and barely hit the ball out of the infield when he does make contact.

It’s not just a slow start either. Ever since coming back from injury in the 2018 season, he’s hit .202 and has been a pretty big disappointment following his 2017 campaign.

Now that Schebler is in Triple-A Louisville and hopefully getting everything figured out, we can move on to the other news of the day… Continue reading