Wake Up With Some Morning Motivation From CeeLo Green

I don’t have much else to say other than this is the perfect way to approach this Tuesday morning. I can’t remember if CeeLo was revealed as a creep or jerk or something, but I feel like I remember him being in the news for something at one point. Don’t really feel like looking it up, so let’s just appreciate the message of this song as we fight through another shitty week of work.

I holla.

Start Your Week off Right With Nelly’s Country Grammar

We could sit around all day and debate what Nelly’s best song is. Truth be told, there’s probably about 5-6 that I’d consider his greatest whenever they come on SiriusXM Fly. It just depends on mood and whether I’m doing 42 in a 35 (bad boy life) on my way back from Taco Bell or sitting in traffic praying I don’t shit my pants at 6:30 in the morning. I’m starting to think the two scenarios I just laid out are related…

County Grammar came out when I was 14 and I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license so I could listen to the entire album in my dark green Pontiac Grand Prix (again, bad boy life). There were so many great hits on that album: E.I., Thicky Thick Girl, Ride wit Me, Batter Up, and of course, the album’s namesake Country Grammar. For today, Country Grammar gets the bump because of the Darnay Scott Bengals jersey seen throughout the video.

Before he was the featured back in Adam Sandler’s prison offense, Nelly was the soundtrack of our junior high and high school years. If you think I didn’t rock a pair of Air Force 1’s because of Nelly, you’re crazy. Now Mac get the hype on first site like, white on whites. Looking back, I should’ve gotten a different color. No 17-year-old should be trusted with a pair of white shoes and be expected to keep them looking crisp and presentable for more than a few weeks. I did my best.

I hope a little Nelly gets you in a great mood so you can attack this week like a St. Lunatic. Next time he comes on the radio, I hope you’re doing 7 MPH over the speed limit and not trying to defuse a ticking Taco Bell belly bomb in rush hour traffic.

Head Into the Weekend With The Black Keys

Fun fact, I actually fell in love with the Black Keys when they were the opener for the Kings of Leon in 2010, not to brag. It’s crazy to see how much they blew up (and somewhat disappeared) since then. It seems like just yesterday we heard “Gold on the Ceiling” every time they were coming back from a commercial break during March Madness. Here’s one of my favorite songs of theirs. Have a great weekend everybody.



Mac’s Morning Music 1/25/18: twenty one pilots – Lane Boy

twenty one pilots might be one of the best bands of recent years. Don’t @ me. Enjoy one of their many hits, Lane Boy. Fun fact: I was at the music festival where this video was filmed, but I was waiting in line to puke in a Porta Potty off the side of the stage because I was so hungover, so I didn’t make the camera shot. Happy Thursday