Marvin’s Returning? WTF?!?! Is it all bad?

smiling marv

He’s fucking back.

The last blog I made was discussing Marvin’s potential replacements.  I didn’t dive into the current staff or defensive minded coaches as my wish was to hire a young offensive mind.  It was 90% likely that Marvin Lewis was leaving and then he all of a sudden wasn’t.  This was my nightmare and then I started to think about the situation.  There are bright spots or two in this even though many of us were disappointed.  It was rumored by many and pretty well known that Marvin was ready to move on and was not happy with Mike Brown from some decisions he overruled Marvin on last off-season.  At the end of the year review Marvin made some demands and if these were not made then he was moving on.  We do not know what these were but we have a few ideas.


1. Paul Alexander is GONE!

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Wake Up With Whitty – 1/8/2018

Tired of waiting for the next great blog from yours truly?  You’re not alone.  The world has been clamoring for more Whitty.  And I can’t blame you one bit.  But you’re in luck, because I’m back and better than ever.  We’ve officially made it to another year.  Welcome to 2018, folks.  Is this the year your favorite team finally breaks through to the next level and wins itself a long-awaited championship?  No.  No it’s not.  You’re doomed to a lifetime of sports despair, just like me.  (Unless you’re an Alabama fan, I guess).  But that’s okay.  There are plenty of other things you can find joy in during this new year.  You could take some time away from your phone/tablet/computer to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature.  You could spend some quality time bonding with family and friends.  You could pick up a new hobby or skill.  Or you could enjoy the latest edition of your favorite blogger’s “weekly” recurring post.  Speaking of which, here’s your first Wake Up With Whitty of 2018. Continue reading

Who Should Replace Marvin?


Even Marvin knows it is time.

The future needs change.  Marvin Lewis did great things for a stretch in Cincinnati.  He turned them from the laughing stock of the 90s into a respectable franchise that had two legit chances at Super Bowl runs in 2005 & 2015.  Starting QB injuries derailed both chances and they never got back to that level.  The voice of the team needs to change as it has become stale.  The NFL has surpassed Marvin and his coaching style.  They must go with an external hire, as the team needs a big change.

There are two decent candidates internally in Paul Guenther and Darren Simmons but neither of these options will catapult this team to the next level they need.  The risk of going external is if this will cause Mike Brown to get even more involved again.  Marvin Lewis was able to somewhat reduce Mike Brown’s thumbprint on the team.  It was still evident at times that Mike was still too involved and many of those decisions came back to really hurt the team.

An external offensive minded coach is an absolute necessity for the next hire.  I would like this team to look in this draft for a long-term QB replacement/upgrade and these HC candidates reflect that desire.  I believe there are five candidates that would be great hires for this team.

  • Josh McDaniels – This is the only coach on my list that has been a head coach before. I really want a fresh first time coach, but McDaniels is too good to not consider.  He made mistakes in Denver and I think he has learned from those mistakes.  He has been very picky about his next opportunity as this is likely his last chance if he fails.  A focused McDaniels that has not jumped at the first opportunity bodes well for a coach who has matured.  He has been very successful as an OC in NE.  Yes, he has Tom Brady but not all OCs have succeeded with future HOF QBs.  I really like his ability to create mismatches for his offensive weapons and actually use them.  This has not existed in Cincinnati and they have talent (Mixon, Gio, Ross) that can be used very successfully.  McDaniels is from Ohio and his dad was a legendary coach in Ohio so maybe he can be convinced to come here even with the Mike Brown handicap.
  • John DeFilippo – He is a former small college QB and is a young coach (39 y/o) that has a lot of experience in the NFL. He has worked in the NFL for NYG, Raiders, Jets, Browns and Eagles.  He also had summer intern stints with the Panthers and Colts while in college.  Wentz has grown a lot since the draft and had the Eagles looking like a top Super Bowl contender. As I mentioned above, I would like the Bengals to look to draft the Bengals future QB this year as we have likely seen the Dalton ceiling.  He also happens to be an Ohio native as well.
  • Matt Nagy – Nagy is another former small college QB and 39 year old coach. He has only been on Andy Reid’s staffs in Philadelphia and now KC.  He recently made the news as play calling duties switched from Andy Reid to Nagy and the offense was jumpstarted after struggling for weeks.  KC does not have a star in their offense, but Nagy has found ways to feed their young, undersized playmakers (Tyreke Hill & Albert Wilson) even with the limitations of Alex Smith at QB.  It was reported that Nagy had a big hand in KC moving up for Patrick Mahomes.  Mahomes is not a proven NFL QB but his future looked very bright during the preseason.  
  • Jim Bob Cooter – He has the best name in all of sports and that is good enough for me. He also was a former QB, backup at Tennessee, and has experience with multiple NFL teams. He is a very young coach at just 33 years old.  He has worked for the Colts, Chiefs, Broncos and Lions.  The Denver Broncos brought him in after a recommendation by Peyton Manning.  If Peyton thinks highly of a coach that says enough for me.  Both Lions coordinators seem to be hot commodities heading into this offseason.  The Lions lost Calvin Johnston to retirement after the 2015 season and Cooter kept that offense from free falling.  Matthew Stafford has flaws but since Cooter took over Stafford has seen his completion percentage, YPA and QBR rise.
  • Harold Goodwin – Bruce Arians runs a fun offense and his right hand man is Goodwin. Goodwin has worked with Arians in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and now Arizona.  Prior to linking up with Arians, he also worked for the Bears.  Goodwin is a former offensive lineman at Michigan and is just 44 years old.  The Bengals OL is another area that needs some coaching love.  As well as providing a new voice to the team it would provide a new voice to the OL which is in need after 2.5 decades of Paul Alexander and the recent failures to find OL talent in the draft.  Goodwin has been taking over a larger portion of the play calling duties from Arians recently.  Like Arians, Goodwin is a big fan of stretching the field and airing it out.  With talents like AJ Green and John Ross and possibly a new QB, this would be an exciting offense to run here.

Who would you like to see as the next HC?

What Will Roger Goodell Buy With All of the Bengals-Steelers Fine Money? – The Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers racked up $63,816 in lost dollars on Friday due to an infraction by Bengals safety George Iloka and the one-game suspension of Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

In the grand scheme of things and with the way the game went and the sports world reacted, this doesn’t seem like much money. You’d think game checks would be getting yanked left and right with the narrative we’ve heard all week long. Was this an ugly game for all parties involved? Yeah. Was this a black eye on the league that is “trying” to clean the game up? Probably. Does Roger Goodell have a massive boner trying to decide what he’s gonna buy with this $64k? Absofuckinglutely he does.

Before you get all pissy – yes, I know he doesn’t actually get to pocket the money. Or does he? I’m too lazy to look it up right now, so lets assume he does. What kind of car should he buy? Maybe he could buy a few friends since he probably doesn’t have any? Does he have kids? That would require sex and King Goodell has about as much sex appeal as Darren Rovell after a night of trying $6 gourmet sandwiches at minor league ballparks just so he can get some cheap retweets. So maybe no kids. Again, I don’t feel like looking it up. So instead of researching anything about Roger Goodell’s life, I decided to come up with a list of a few suggestions for Ol’ Rog.  Continue reading

Wake Up With Whitty – 11/19/2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. We’ve past the midway point in November, the weather is starting to turn colder and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The NFL playoff picture is starting to take shape and there’s only one week left before Conference Championship Week in college football. Some of the psychopaths Christmas enthusiasts have already started putting up their lights and trees (*cough* Jefe *cough*) and the big red bow car commercials are out in full force. It’s an exciting time of year, and with so much going on, it’s hard to stay focused on the stories that matter. That’s where I come in. Join me as I take you on a journey through the first three stories I happened to come across the top stories around the world of sports from this past week.
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Marvin Lewis Finally Takes a Stand Against “Problem Child” John Ross [Sarcasm Font] – Lewis embraced the role of Grinch in the presser as he went deeper into Ross’ progress and the rookie not running the full play on Sunday because he didn’t think the ball would come to him in that coverage.

“The thing I told him and it was great because Andy was with him in the hall on Tuesday,” Lewis said. “For Andy, against that coverage to throw him that football, he should understand how the quarterback feels about him. That he expects him to be where he needs to be. He let his teammates down. He let me down. He let Andy down.”

Really? This is the guy? John Ross, who has seemingly been a good soldier all season is the guy that Marvin is going to choose to call out publicly and shame for his effort? You have guys like Pacman spitting on cops, Vontaze racking up personal fouls and getting tossed for making contact with an official (which in hindsight was horseshit, but Tez deserves anything he gets at his point), and even A.J. Green getting run from the game for executing a rear naked choke and displaying his ground and pound technique. But no.. let’s jump all over John Ross’ shit for quitting on a route, which we’ve seen every Bengals receiver do time after time during the Lewis-era.

I’m ashamed to say that up until this season, I despised the “Fire Marvin” rhetoric on talk radio, Twitter, and on Monday morning at work. This season has changed me. I’ve become so sick of Marvin Lewis and everything he’s doing to this franchise. Was he the leader we needed at one point? Absolutely. I could even see past the early playoff exits in most cases because it always seemed like something terrible would happen outside of Marvin’s control. Injuries, terrible officiating, and just about anything else that could happen to a team seemed to happen to the Bengals right as the regular season was wrapping up.

Two years ago when the Bengals melted down after they appeared to have a gigantic playoff victory locked up against the much hated Pittsburgh Steelers, the game ended in only a way a Marvin Lewis-led Bengals team would allow. Personal fouls and fighting. Granted, Joey Porter and his stupid fucking face had a lot to do with that too, but if Marvin didn’t let stupid shit slide 24/7/365, it would’ve never been a problem.

You’d think at some point, one of the other instances of stupid decisions on or off the field would draw the ire of Marvin Lewis.. but nope, it was a half-assed route by a rookie in a season that has already gone into the shitter because of Marvin’s ineptitude. I can’t wait for this season to be over so we can be done with Marvin. Mike Brown doesn’t have the balls to fire him during the season, and probably not even after the season. Our only hope is Marvin doesn’t want to come back. Here’s to hoping we are Marvin-less in 2018. If not, it’s just another 15 years of sucking for Cincinnati. Nothing we aren’t used to.

Wake Up With Whitty – 9/30/2017

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. A lot is going on in the sports world right now. The college basketball world has been rocked by scandal, which hits particularly hard if you happen to be a Louisville fan. We’re just a day away from October, which is a huge month for sports. College football teams start to get into the bulk of their conference schedules, MLB playoffs get underway, and the NHL and NBA seasons start up (Wake me up when September ends, am I right?). So go ahead and settle in with your caffeinated beverage of choice. Maybe it’s coffee. Maybe it’s tea. Maybe it’s an energy drink. Maybe it’s something really cool that I don’t even know about. I’m accepting of all ways of life here, unlike one of my coffee-drinking elitist fellow bloggers. Unless you’re one of those people that just wake up naturally energized and don’t need caffeine to get through life. That’s weird. Get out of here with that shit.

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Wake Up With Whitty – 9/23/2017

I just want to take a minute to wish my good friend Marvin Lewis a happy birthday. The Bengals head coach celebrated earlier this week by firing long-time assistant, and most recent Bengals’ offensive coordinator, Ken Zampese. He followed it up by letting the team know that Zampese didn’t get himself fired, the team did, and if they don’t turn things around soon then they may be next. While I admire the motivational tactic, I think Marvin may be the next one on the chopping block if the Bengals fortunes don’t change soon. It seems like at least one NFL expert agrees with me. A few more ugly losses and Marvin may not make it past the bye week. So, like I said, Happy Birthday Marvin! And now that we’ve gotten things off to such a positive note, welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty…

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Jerry Jones Says “NO EXTENSION FOR YOU!”

Who didn’t expect this? Jerry Jones is not happy with Roger Goodell’s current handling of his star running back’s off the field troubles. At this point there’s not much he can do on the Zeke front as it plays out in court, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go down kicking and screaming.

You know what else is going on in the Commissioner’s office right now? A contract extension. Not so fast my friends.   Continue reading