Programming Note: I’m Taking the Night off From Blogging [Click for Rockies-Padres Fight Blog]

I know a lot of you sit around on Twitter all night long with your friends and family, swiping down and reloading your timeline just waiting for my blog to pop up. Swipe no more my friends, because here it is. Tonight’s a little different though because I decided to take the night off from blogging. I’ve been exhausted lately and I’m really having a hard time trying to decide what to blog about.  Continue reading

I Watched an Episode of ESPN’s “Get Up!” and Here’s My Honest, Unbiased Review

Just kidding. There’s no way I could bring myself to sit through that. I don’t even know if I could be paid enough to sit through Greeny debating which lip balm he likes better and whether or not it’s acceptable to eat a Chipotle burrito with a spork.

Sorry for disappointing everyone who thought they were getting an honest review of ESPN’s newest morning show. Since I feel bad for wasting your time, here are some Joey Votto highlights and savage moments. Enjoy, everyone.

Cincinnati Reds Complete One Game Sweep of Chicago Cubs

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Wow. If you told me the Reds would start the season by getting swept by the Nationals, I probably would’ve believed you. If you told me they’d follow up their 0-3 opening series with a sweep of the Chicago Cubs, I’d tell you to shut up and get the hell outta my parents basement because I’m not supposed to have friends over after 8pm. But that’s where we are #RedsCountry. The Reds have swept the Chicago Cubs. If you ask me, that should catapult the Reds into the conversation of who will come out as King of the Central Division. Have the Brewers or Cardinals swept the Cubs yet? Ha! I didn’t think so. What about the Pirates? The Pirates couldn’t sweep a junior college team. So the answer’s no. (I’m really gonna regret this when the Pirates sweep the Reds this weekend)  Continue reading

I Think I’m Going to Dinner With Marlins Man

Tonight was just an ordinary Monday night. I was sitting around scrolling through Twitter, getting ready to start Monday Night Raw on a delay because 8pm always sneaks up on me. How is someone supposed to consume five hours of wrestling a week, hold a normal 9-5 job and blog along with other necessary things like helping raise a kid, catching up on Kevin Can Wait and making sure the dog is fed? It’s insanity. I’m not saying I’m a hero, but I don’t know many people that can pull it off quite like I seem to every week. Oh yeah, the Reds are on too. Crap, I don’t know how it’s gonna get done tonight, but I’ll find a way.  Continue reading

I Hate Sports and I Quit

Let the record show: Sunday, February 18th, 2018 is the day I finally quit. I’m sick of the constant letdown and disappointment. Its my fault, honestly. I could just become a bandwagon fan like I’ve seen so many people do. I could be a Duke basketball fan, Alabama football fan and alternate between the Patriots and Steelers, whichever was winning the most at the time. Yankees too? Why not? If I’m going all in, I might as well wear a pinstriped Aaron Judge jersey and spit on people as I scream about 27 rings.


Instead, I’ve remained loyal to my Cincinnati roots. I even refuse to root for an NBA team with one of the best players that ever lived simply because they’re in Cleveland. Rooting for the Cavs would be so easy, yet I would rather be caught watching Lena Dunham make out with Jake Paul by my grandma than Witness anything King James is doing up north. Sure, I have my on-again off-again relationship with the Denver Nuggets, but we’re like Ross and Rachel from Friends. Will we end up together when it’s all said and done? I guess you’ll have to buy the box set to find out.

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Getting Personal: Baseball, The Reds and Hibachi

I was a huge baseball fan from nearly the day I was born.  Baseball was my dad’s favorite sport and he always dreamed of having a son that had a love for baseball just like him and he could coach.  Some of the first memories I have are my dad playing toss with me at home.  We watched Reds games whenever we could.  The games were not all televised back when I was young like today on FSO.  We listened to many games on 700WLW with good ole Marty and Joe (RIP).  I played baseball as year-round as you could in Cincinnati, OH.  We did tournaments in the very early spring and late fall while playing our league and random weekend tournaments through the summers.  In the winter we would go to the batting cages all the time to keep up and not fall behind.  When we would get those random 40 and 50 degree days in the winters we would end up at a local field to take some ground-balls and fly-balls.

iconic duo

The greatest duo in announcing history.

I was a die-hard Reds fan and a statistics guru.  I always knew the entire 25-man roster and could recite players updated statistics every day.  This was quite the incredible feat without the internet.  I lived for looking at the newspaper box scores the next day.  I also was always playing a baseball video game as the Reds because playing as any other team just seemed like a sin.  I remember in one of the first MLB games that allowed you to create a player I was drafted by the Cubs and was so disgusted with it that I have never played that game mode again.

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Gennett Scoots on down to Goodyear in Style – Scooter Gennett made the trek from Sarasota to Goodyear in a rental RV. He and his wife, Kelsey, and dog, Leo, spent the night in two RV parks.  

Leo was the reason for the unconventional mode of transportation.

“He’s pretty big,” Gennett said. “Me and the wife aren’t too confident in putting him under the plane. We heard some bad stories about the dog coming out stiff as a board from baggage claim.

Baseball is my favorite sport in the world. It always has been and always will be. Spring Training, most notably the first few days of everyone reporting to camp, is just the shot in the arm I need after the post-Super Bowl letdown. Most of the time you get flooded with cookie cutter stories about Player A being in the best shape of their career or Player B is out to prove they’re worth the blockbuster deal they just signed in the off season.

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