Wake Up With Whitty – 10/21/2017

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. It’s Bengals/Steelers weekend so keep your head on a swivel out there.  Burfict’s going to be out there taking heads off, and I’m sure Mike Mitchell will be doing Mike Mitchell things:

It’s going to be an ugly AFC North slugfest on Sunday.  Any time these two teams get together, there’s going to be fireworks, and you can guarantee that both teams’ fans will be bitching about how dirty the other team played.  In my experience, one of the two teams’ fans have been 100% justified in their complaints and the other team should quit whining because the one time that they actually did fall victim to a dirty play it helped them Steel a playoff victory.  I won’t say which team is which though because Wake Up With Whitty is a place of love and acceptance so we should all just put aside the hate for a moment.  Ok, moment’s over: I hate Pittsburgh.  Here’s Wake Up With Whitty:
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Wake Up With Whitty – 10/7/2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. It’s October and the NHL season is finally here. The Blue Jackets looked sharp in their season-opening 5-0 victory over the Islanders.  As an unbiased observer (fan) I honestly cannot envision a scenario where the Jackets don’t go 82-0 (Editor’s Note: 81-1-0) and then sweep their way to a Stanley Cup championship. I know it was only one game, but I’ve seen enough to say that I can’t see anyone beating this team (Editor’s Note: Again.).  It was also great seeing the Penguins on the wrong side of a 10-1 ass kicking.  I don’t usually care for the Blackhawks, but anyone that embarrasses the Pens like that is okay in my book.  Let’s just hope they got it all out of their systems for tonight.
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Should the Lakers Retire #8 or #24?

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The Lakers will reportedly retire Kobe Bryant’s jersey in December this year, before the Golden State Warriors game.  This is something that is obvious to even the most novice NBA fan.  After 5 Championships, 2 NBA Finals MVP awards, NBA MVP, 18 All-star selections, 2 scoring titles, etc. etc. etc., it was a foregone conclusion that the Lakers were going to retire his number.  There’s just one problem; for 10 seasons, Kobe wore #8, and for another 10 seasons, Kobe wore #24.

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Wake Up With Whitty – 8/26/2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty, where I recap some of the happenings from the past week. As we pointed out in the most recent episode of the Nati Boys podcast, it’s officially fall now that you can find pumpkin spice everything at your local grocery store. Football is also officially here, as a handful of college football teams kick off their seasons today. While there aren’t many matchups of particular note, I’m just happy to finally watch a football game that actually counts. If you’re as excited as I am then sip on your pumpkin spice latte, kick back and enjoy the most recent edition Wake Up With Whitty.

Nobody’s Perfect

The Dodger’s Rich Hill pitched one hell of a game Wednesday night. Hill was perfect through 8 frames, which is the closest we’ve been to a perfect game in a long time. We haven’t seen a perfect game in over 5 years, and Rich Hill was well on his way. Unfortunately for Hill, the 9th inning started off with a throwing error by Logan Forsythe. Perfect game gone.

Luckily for Hill, the no-hitter was still in tact.  He recovered and retired the next three batters, competing the full 9 innings of no-hit baseball.  There was just one problem.  His team failed to score a single run in those 9 innings, and the game went into extra innings.  After a quick 3 up and 3 down by the Dodgers, Hill trotted out to see if he could accomplish the extremely rare extra inning no-hitter.  After getting a first pitch strike, Hill fell behind Pirates’ second baseman Josh Harrison, 2-1.  On the next pitch, Harrison sent the ball over the left field wall.  No-hitter gone.  Shutout gone.  Game over.

Hill did not have of the good fortune of throwing the 24th perfect game in MLB history.  He did not manage to complete the 297th no-hitter in MLB history.  But he did pull off a feat that no other pitcher in MLB history has accomplished.  Hill is the only player to ever lose a no-hitter on a walk-off home run.  Lucky him.

Many people felt bad for Hill for the way things ended up for him on Wednesday night, especially due to his lack of run support.  Personally, I think he has nobody to blame but himself.  As a National League pitcher, Hill had plenty of opportunities to generate some offense himself, but instead he turned in a dismal 0-4 performance at the plate.  In his first at bat, he failed to move a runner over on a sacrifice bunt.  He then lined out with the bases loaded and again with a man on second.  Seems to me like he had plenty of opportunity to win it himself.   I guess that’s what you get for expecting someone else to do your work for you.

Celtics/Cavs Swap In Jeopardy?

The blockbuster trade that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston and Isiah Thomas to Cleveland could be in jeopardy now, as the Cavs have expressed concern over Thomas’s injured hip.  The Cavs staff did not like what they saw during IT’s physical on Friday, and now the status of the trade is uncertain.  The Cavs would have the right to veto the deal based on a failed physical, meaning Kyrie could be heading back to Cleveland.  I have to imagine Irving’s feeling a lot like Michael Corleone right now: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

My hunch is that Lebron had something to do with this. He probably got word of the Isiah Thomas tweets bashing him from 2010 that some fans dug up after the trade was announced. Lebron’s poor ego probably couldn’t handle sharing a locker room with someone who openly bashed him, even if it was over 7 years ago. He probably told Gilbert to stop this thing from happening by any means necessary.

Whatever ends up happening with all of this, I just hope the jersey burning is over, because that really gets King James triggered. In all fairness, I do agree with him. Burning a player’s jersey is one of the dumbest things you can do, especially if that player was traded instead of leaving on their own volition. Unless maybe that player was a douchey former team captain that tried to fight the team’s goalie in his first game back in his former city. Then by all means, burn his jersey and every memory you ever had of the prick, hypothetically speaking.

Parting Thoughts

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. As always, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the Nati Boys podcast on iTunes. If you dropped the $100 on tonight’s Mayweather/McGregor match, I hope you get your money’s worth. Maybe we’ll even see Conor shock the world. My money’s on Floyd though. See you all next weekend!

Wake Up With Whitty – 8/19/2017

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty.  We’re heading into weekend number two of the NFL preseason, which is generally your best chance to see some extended playing time from the starting units on each team.  We’re also just one short week away from the start of the college football season.  As a fan of a sub-par MLB team, it’s a been a painfully long summer from a sports standpoint, but the wait is finally almost over.  To get mentally prepared I’ve gathered a collection of old remotes to practice throwing at the TV in anger during tonight’s Bengals/Chiefs matchup.  It’s preseason for the fans too you know, so study up on your favorite team’s roster and start practicing your obscenities that you’ll be screaming at its players on Saturdays/Sundays.  And once you’ve gotten that out of your system, come back here and leave some positive, uplifting comments about how great this week’s Wake Up With Whitty was.
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Wake Up With Whitty – 8/12/2017

Welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty.  It’s mid-August which means football season is right around the corner. Even if it is just the preseason, it’s great to see football back on TV, and it’s even more fun watching everyone overreact to how a specific player performs during two series in a meaningless game. Last night the Bengals defeated the Buccaneers 23-12. Based on that performance I think it’s safe for Bengals fans to start booking hotels in Minneapolis for that first weekend in February. At this point I don’t see any way the Bengals don’t make it to the Super Bowl this year. And once you’re done finalizing your travel arrangements, be sure to come back here and let me know what you think of this week’s Wake Up With Whitty. Continue reading

Wake Up With Whitty – 8/5/2017

Welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty.  August is now upon us as football season is less than a month away.  The NFL preseason kicked off earlier this week with the Cowboys beating the Cardinals in the Hall of Fame game (glad to see they got their field paint situation sorted out) and the college football season gets started in just 3 short weeks.  So sit tight folks, pretty soon you’ll have another reason to get out of bed on the weekends besides some blogger’s weekly posts about nothing.  But for now, you’re stuck with me, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Lonzo Ball: Summer League Savior

Lavar’s son looked pretty impressive in his second Summer League game for the Lakers.  He notched a triple-double after a pretty dismal first game ( a 2-15 shooting performance).  Lonzo is a point guard in the true sense of the word; he’s a pass-first player with an ugly shot, that knows how to run the floor.  His bounce-back in game 2 still wasn’t enough for the Lakers to get the win against the Celtics.

I normally pay a little attention to the Summer League, but this year it’s been must-watch TV for me as a Lakers fan.  Here’s Lonzo’s highlights from his triple-double game; we’ll act like game 1 didn’t happen.

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Wake Up With Whitty – 7/1/2017

Good Morning and welcome to another edition of “Wake Up With Whitty”.  It’s a holiday weekend (unless you’re one of the unlucky folks like me that has to work on Monday still) so I decided to let everyone sleep in a little!  Hopefully this gives you a nice distraction from those obnoxious Saturday morning cartoons that your kid is watching.  Or that you’re still watching even though your kid lost interest and went off to play 20 minutes ago. It’s okay, I’ve been there.  Once you’re done watching Mickey and friends (and you’ve done the hot dog dance) feel free to come back and tell me what you think!
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Grading the 2017 NBA Draft Grades

We’re a little over a week removed from the 2017 NBA draft and just about everyone has an opinion on how each team fared this year.  Even before these players have had a chance to step foot inside of a team facility, the so-called-experts were critiquing each and every pick in order to determine who won the draft (which is one of the most noteworthy achievements in all of sports).  Most of these writers know that they can throw together some thoughtless B.S. article with some half-assed grades, and if it sucks, nobody will notice and it will quickly be buried beneath all of the free agency and trade rumors.  I mean, who cares what some hack from Bleacher Report wrote about the Phoenix Suns’ draft when there’s trade news like Chris Paul to Houston or Paul George to Oklahoma City?  It’s not like these guys are getting graded on the draft grades that they assign, right?  Wrong!

I’m here to help you determine which draft grades are worth your time to read, and which ones you can just skip altogether.  I don’t regularly follow the NBA or college basketball, so I won’t be providing much analysis into the quality of the picks or the accuracy of each writer’s grades.  Instead, I’ll focus on the important things: whether or not it’s well-written, if it’s funny, if the writer used a lot of cool pictures to get my attention, how well they justify their grades, etc.  So without further ado, let’s grade some 2017 NBA Draft grades!
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