Nati Boys #57: Batman (Returns?)


The Nati Boy’s break down the Matt Harvey/Devin Mesoraco trade between the Reds and Mets, and go off on a slight tangent about the night life scene in Cincinnati. Since we now have two “Batman’s” in the pitching rotation, our fantasy draft this week is of the best nicknames in sports. Enjoy the show!

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The Cincinnati Reds Reach the Ten Win Threshold For First Time Since 2017

All it took was the Mets batting out of order, killing a 2-out scoring opportunity and Adam Duvall hitting his first career walk-off home run in extra innings in front of a 1/3 capacity crowd at GABP.

Baby, we’re back.

They said it couldn’t be done, and to be honest, I was starting to believe them. Howevah, the Reds did what seemed impossible today as they hit the 10 win mark for the first time since 2017. Things weren’t looking great early on, but a managerial shakeup and shuffling of the lineup finally got the hometown team over the hump.

Not to mention, they also acquired Matt Harvey just moments before dinner on Tuesday night, so I’m thinking that adds about 100ish wins to the current Reds lineup. Before you know it, we could be talking playoff tickets and deciding which soul crushing way we prefer to be eliminated in the NLCS at the hands of the New York Reds-Mets.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Let’s focus on getting win #11 (shoutout Barry Larkin) before June. That might require Jesse Winker leading off on a regular basis though, so we might be looking at a July ETA on the coveted 11th tally in the win column.

Reds Acquire Matt Harvey, Add Second Batman to Starting Rotation

On Tuesday, just hours before the Reds took on the Mets in game two of their three game series, Cincinnati sent often-injured Devin Mesoraco and cash to Queens in return for the shell of Matt Harvey. I want to hate this trade so bad, but it’s hard to get too upset over the Reds trying to catch lightning in a bottle during what has been a dreadful start to the 2018 season. I was always a huge Mesoraco fan and it sucks to see him go after we sat through season after season of bad luck injuries, eventually losing his starting job to the Gold Glove Tucker Barnhart.

I think the long term fate for Mez is in the AL so he can finish his career as a designated hitter, but for now he’ll get to call New York home and likely start on a regular basis with Travis d’Arnaud out for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

The Reds are now faced with a very troubling situation in their starting rotation: who is the real Batman? I’ll let them sort it out, but I’m at the game so I’ll have any live reports of Matt Harvey showing up to Great American Ball Park in the Batmobile to fight Homer Bailey.

The mother fucker better like Skyline.

No Ballpark Can Contain Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper crushed a home run last night and the internet is losing it’s collective mind. I’ve never been much of a fan of Statcast or Bryce Harper, but I’m a big fan of page views so I feel that it’s my duty to blog about it. Very noble of me, if we’re being honest.

First of all, I find Statcast to be a bunch of lying nerds that are just making up numbers to hang out with the cool kids who like sports. Ok Dilbert, thanks for the exit velocity on Scott Schebler’s third inning pop out to the center fielder. You made the game that much more enjoyable for me knowing that his lazy fly ball to Albert Almora Jr. clocked in at 94.6 MPH. Wow, you mean to tell me Billy Hamilton’s sprint to first base on a ground-out was 3.7 seconds? Coooooooooool. Maybe that stuff will start counting for “points” in the millennials’ new version of baseball,  but until then: Continue reading

Nati Boys #56: The Good Old Days


It’s a downtime in the sports year for the Nati Boys with the Reds struggling, the Blue Jackets out of the playoffs and the Bengals season still several months away.  We do our best to find some positives in the Reds season, like cheap tickets and specialty bobble head giveaways.  We also talk a little more about the NFL draft and we mock the mock drafters and their lack of accuracy with their predictions.  To wrap up the show we transition from sports misery to the misery of getting older as we do a fantasy draft of things we miss about being 17.

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The Leaked Trailer for “Fast and Furious: Compact Economy Class” Is Here and It Looks Incredible

This is too perfect. I think we’ve all been in a situation where some asshole is doing 63MPH in the fast lane when all we wanna do is get to the office five minutes late instead of ten. Why can’t they just get over and let the rest of us pass? Mostly because they’re assholes, but maybe they’re just in their own little world and have no idea what they’re doing to everyone behind them who hit the snooze button one too many times.   Continue reading

Does This Look Like The Face of a Man Who Practices Karate on Swans?

swan karate

WLWT – A man was arrested after witnesses told police they saw him kicking two swans while practicing karate at Lake Eola in Florida.

Authorities arrested and charged Rocco Mantella Thursday for cruelty to animals.

Before assaulting the animals, the witness said Mantella practiced his kicks before kicking the bird “as hard as possible.” 

Listen, I hate swans just as much as the next guy. Those suckers are mean despite their majestic appearance, and I know from first hand experience. A few summers ago we stayed at a lake house in Michigan. The house was equipped with a dock, two Jon Boats and a massive lake all to ourselves. Well, except for a couple of asshole swans/geese or whatever the fuck they were that would always try to attack us when we were in the middle of the lake. Do you know what it’s like to be circled by gigantic birds with 5ft long necks just pecking at you because you’re on their turf. If you haven’t, I don’t recommend it. I still think back to that summer and have a chill run down my spine.  Continue reading