Nikola Jokic Had a Sweet Bounce Pass (Gary Harris Did Something Cool Too). Also, LeBron is Drunk

I don’t watch a lot of NBA, but people on Twitter are going nuts about this play so it must be pretty sweet. I mean, I think Jokic’s bounce pass was incredible, but its nothing I didn’t do 5-10 times a night for the Blue Bunnies in the OU intramural leagues. Continue reading

Miguel Castro is the Son All of Our Mothers Wishes They Had

Jeez Miguel, way to raise the bar right before Mother’s Day is about to roll around. How in the hell are we supposed to top this? At first I had no idea why someone would get a chain with ‘human’ on it, but after a second review, it was clear it said ‘hi mom’.  Ah, yes.. that makes more sense. Continue reading

Bengals Draft Recap

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The 2019 NFL Draft is in the books and overall we’re relatively pleased with the outcome.  Dan, Jeff, Mac and Whitty provide their initial reactions and speculate on which players will be able to immediately contribute to the team.  The Reds are still struggling to find some consistency at the plate, but their stellar pitching has helped the team find some minor success recently.  We also discuss the Blue Jackets playoff run and how stressful it is to actually have a team experience some success in the postseason.

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The Cincinnati Bengals Traded Up (Yes, You Read That Correctly) to Draft QB Ryan Finley

I fully expected the Bengals to address the backup QB situation in this year’s draft, and possibly even draft someone who could replace Dalton when his time is up in Cincinnati. I thought Haskins in the first round or any of the remaining guys in the second round would’ve been too much considering all of the other needs they had, but it sounds like they got their guy today by trading up to pick-104 to draft Ryan Finley out of NC State.

It sounds like Ryan Finley was their guy all along and he was the only QB they were interested in this whole time despite mock drafts tying them to Haskins in the first round.

And in the eyes of Zac Taylor, they traded up for a good reason. Continue reading

Don’t Look Now, but the Reds Have the Second-Best Team ERA in the MLB

Last season, it was largely the pitching, most notably the starting pitching, that made the Reds nearly unwatchable. Joey had a “down” season but for the most part the Reds hit well and were at least fun to watch at the plate. The 2018 pitching staff finished the season with an ERA of 4.63 which was 24th out of all 30 MLB staffs. Even worse, they finished 26th in WHIP at 1.40 and gave up more home runs than anyone in the league not named the Baltimore Orioles with 234.

2019 is different. Continue reading

Are You an Asshole if You Post Movie Spoilers on Twitter? [NO AVENGERS: ENDGAME SPOILERS]

Yes. The answer is yes, but you already knew that. Thanks for the click regardless. Apparently LeSean McCoy dropped some Avengers spoilers on Twitter today and everyone is cancelling him because of it. No, it wasn’t the allegedly beating his girlfriend or hiring someone to do it or whatever it was he got in trouble for last year. It was movie spoilers. God Bless America.

While you’re here, enjoy the Top 10 Charlie Kelly Moments from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’


A Cat Caused a Brutal Motorcycle Racing Accident and Faces Zero Repercussions

I think we can all agree that cats are assholes. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re assholes. Do you think the cat meme industry would be thriving if they weren’t? I’ll click on dog pictures any day of the week, but for whatever reason, nothing gets me laughing like a good cat meme. For example: Continue reading