I Am AJ Green’s Ankle

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Who didn’t see this coming? AJ Green is injured (not hurt) and it’s got us all a little depressed about the start of Bengals training camp. We also ponder the future of some of our current Redlegs with the trade deadline coming up and the Reds pretty much eliminated from the divisional race. We also give Jeff a bunch of shit about his poor life choices. Enjoy the show!

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Nati Boys #82: Fat Guys in Fortnite


This week the Nati Boys discuss the Bengals’ return from the bye week, where they should be getting a few key players back from injury but also find themselves without A.J. Green for several weeks.  We react to Dez Bryant signing with the Saints, who just happen to be the Bengals’ first opponent back from the bye.  The Reds recently announced that they plan on wearing several throwback uniforms throughout the year, in honor of the team’s 150th anniversary.  Finally, we wrap up the show with a fantasy draft of costumes and skins we’d most like to see added to Fortnite, inspired by the news that NFL uniforms will now be available within the game.

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Nati Boys #77: October Sports Are the Best Sports!


On today’s episode of the Nati Boys podcast, we talk playoff baseball with some World Series predictions. Jackets hockey starts back up and we give you our season predictions, and follow that up with our football picks and a fantasy draft of things that are better with ice involved. Enjoy the show!

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Nati Boys #76: Rules Changes


We start this show this week with a deep intellectual discussion on Kawhi Leonard’s bizarre laugh before diving head first into the Reds’ search for their next great manager.  We talk about the Bengals recent injury struggles and how we think it will impact the team in the upcoming games, and we give you our weekly football picks.  We wrap up the show with a fantasy draft of proposed rules changes that we think the NFL Rules Committee should consider at their next meeting.

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It’s an Oil Change Saturday!


No, not that kind of oil change. Thank God.

Now that you’re done having an anxiety attack from thinking about giving yourself an oil change, we can move on.

Don’t get too excited though, this won’t be a regular recurring blog. I don’t drive that often so it takes me a while to hit the standard 5,000-7,500 miles most vehicle manuals suggest for an ol’ swapperoo of the black sludge and overpriced filter. Some auto parts stores give you a free filter when you buy 5-quarts of oil, but these oil change places aren’t so generous. I feel bad saying that because they gave me free coffee and a bottle of water while I wait. Now I feel bad for not considering the free WiFi access they gave me (which isn’t showing up on my list of available networks, but I’m not one to complain about such things). The coffee is a little burnt, which I suspect is a result of it being brewed this morning when they opened at 8am. I don’t want to disappoint anyone that thought this might be a blog about oil changes and the different places people take their cars to get their oil changed (e.g. their parents house, dealerships, a buddy’s place or your favorite local mechanic), but I think I’ll jump into some sports while I wait on my car. Continue reading