Nati Boys #52: The Struggle is Real


The Reds have struggled out of the gate in 2018, Tiger Woods is struggling at The Masters and the Nati Boys are struggling in general.  We power through it though to bring you another electric episode where we try to find a bright spot in the Reds opening week and we look forward to watching some playoff hockey in Columbus.  We wrap up the show with a fantasy draft of changes we would implement to make The Masters more entertaining for television viewers.

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Former Blue Jacket Fan Favorite Derek Dorsett Forced Into Early Retirement

Well, this really sucks. As a Blue Jackets fan, I loved watching Derek Dorsett. There were some nights that he was the only aspect of the lowly Blue Jackets game worth watching. Whitty and I suffered through some rough losing seasons as season ticket holders (not to brag) but we always sat on the edge of our seats when Dorsett was on the ice. He might not have been the biggest guy on the ice (he was often the smallest) but he played like a man possessed and wouldn’t back down from any player in the NHL, no matter the size.  Continue reading

Wake Up With Whitty – 6/25/2017

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Wake up With Whitty. We’re just a couple weeks into that dreaded summer sports lull, but the NHL and NBA have provided us with plenty of excitement to keep us on the edge of our seats. I know nobody wants to have to think for themselves this early in the morning, so let me go ahead and do the thinking for you. Then once you’ve had a chance to wake up a bit, feel free to come back and tell me why I’m wrong.
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