Taste of Cincinnati: Revenge of the IBS

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, the city held its bi-annual food celebration (Taste of Cincinnati in May, and Oktoberfest in September).  I went down two of the three days and tried a wide variety of foods.  Most of them were good, and almost every single booth had something that I would have tried if I had the money, time and appetite.  Here’s a look at the things I tried.

Coal Fired Pizza from Delicio: the slice was alright, but nothing to write home about.  When it came to pizza options down at Taste of Cincinnati, it was either this or LaRosa’s.  I’ve already had (and love) LaRosa’s pizza, so the wife and I decided to try something new.  Pizza is one of those things that is hard to screw up; with that being said, this one wasn’t screwed up, but I would rather have had a slice of traditional LaRosa’s.

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