I Wonder If Butch Jones Is Receiving College Credit for His Summer Internship


SI.com – Former Tennessee coach Butch Jones is joining the Alabama coaching staff, but he won’t be on the field.

Instead, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said he is “an intern, an analyst” after practice Tuesday.

“I guess we could have several names for it, Saban said. “He can’t coach on the field. He can work with us off the field. And today was actually the first time he was cleared by the NCAA. We have these rules and I don’t even know what they’re called, like we can’t hire high school coaches. We can’t hire people that have recruited other players that we’re recruiting and all that. You have to go through a process with the NCAA, and that finally got completed today.”


When I first read the headline that Butch Jones was going to “intern” at Alabama, I almost pulled a muscle from laughing. Or was that from when I tried to get out of my desk chair too quickly? Either way, a muscle was almost pulled and I’m kinda sore right now. Anywhooo – the titles were a little misleading when news broke on his new gig, but the fact of the matter remains: Butch Jones has turned into a puddle of suck in recent years and this might be as far rock bottom as a coach can go.  Continue reading

I Watched Rudy Today and I Didn’t Cry

Ok, that’s a lie. I cried. It’s kind of impossible not to when you sit down and think about it. Unless you’re a robot or have never competed in athletics and don’t know the hard work that goes into having the slightest bit of success. Sure, you may have gotten a promotion a few years before me because of hard work, but that doesn’t compare to the daily grind of trying to be successful in a violent sport, nerd. Continue reading

Brian Kelly Is Who We Thought He Was

There are a lot of words I could use to describe Brian Kelly. The first few that come to mind are traitor, scum, loser.. just off the top of my head. I could go on, but I have a lot of things I’d like to get to before NFL’s Week 1 kicks off. Being a Catholic kid from Cincinnati, I grew up a Notre Dame fan. It’s just how it was. As I grew older, I became a more casual college football fan without a true die-hard allegiance. Brian Kelly’s years at Cincinnati provided a lot of excitement and it was hard not to get caught up in the hype and winning culture that was growing. That is, until Brian Kelly lied to his seniors, dropped a bombshell on them at the football banquet and fled to South Bend, Indiana.  Continue reading