The Pats Have Been Caught Cheating (Again)

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The Bengals have won a game, and then quickly got back to their losing ways against the Browns this past weekend. The Patriots have been caught filming the Bengals sideline for their upcoming matchup, and we’re not surprised. Dan and Ben both went to Reds Fest this year, and we talk about our experience there, as well as the recent Reds signings.

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Is Odell Beckham Jr. the First Wide Receiver to Catch a Ball With One Hand?

This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m not really the biggest Odell Beckham Jr. fan. Is it because he is a diva that has drama anywhere he goes? Is it because he wore a watch on the field just so people would talk about him and not the failure to meet Super Bowl expectations in Week 1? Is it because the media and everyone gushes over him anytime he catches a ball that wasn’t put right between the numbers?

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Nati Boys #73: Bengals are Back!


The Nati Boys are back with a football heavy episode! It was cuts week on Hard Knocks, and the Bengals had a little activity of their own putting Michael Johnson on waivers. The NFL is  officially back, and we give you our predictions for the divisional winners and Super Bowl Champs. Enjoy the show!

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Nati Boys #72: College Football Playoff Predictions


This week the Nati Boys kick off the show by talking about extensions as NFL owners were giving out money left and right, including the Bengals who extended Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap.  We recap this week’s episode of Hard Knocks with the Cleveland Browns as the show is starting to near an end.  Finally, we wrap up the show with our college football playoff predictions, which are 100% guaranteed to be correct.

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Nati Boys #71: Football Is So Close, Yet So Far Away


On today’s episode of the Nati Boys Podcast, we lightly roast Jefe over his receding hairline, talk Browns episode 3 of Hard Knocks, George Iloka being released from the Bengals and Whitty totally pops while giving his hot take about the Urban Meyer situation in Columbus. Our fantasy draft this week is of things we’re looking forward to during the football season. Enjoy the show!

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Nati Boys #70: The Ohio Cup is Half Empty


On this week’s episode, the Nati Boys are talking about the Reds’ continued struggles, including a three game sweep at the hands of the Indians, which means the Ohio Cup is staying in Cleveland again.  We also recap episode 2 of Hard Knocks with the Cleveland Browns, another struggling Ohio team.  Finally, after deciding that the Browns’ helmets look better without the stripes, we decided to end the show with a fantasy draft of other uniform tweaks that we’d most like to see.

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Wake Up With Whitty – 12/25/2017

Ho ho ho and welcome to a special Christmas edition of Wake Up With Whitty. We’re in the part of the sports year where the NHL and NBA seasons are starting to pick up, there’s an obscure bowl game on TV every single day and we’re getting the weird Saturday evening NFL games. Yesterday we had a small Christmas miracle in Cincinnati when the Bengals beat a Lions team that had playoff aspirations heading into the weekend. The Negative Nancies will point out the fact that the Bengals only managed to hurt their draft position by winning, which may be true, but I’d still rather see a win than a loss any day. Call me old fashioned.

With the holidays in full swing, what better time than now to start a new Christmas tradition? You’ve got your family gathered together as you unwrap presents beneath the glow of the tree while listening to crackle of the fire coming from the Yule Log app on your TV. Sure, you could have made a real fire but who wants to go through that hassle? Plus your stockings have all been hung by the chimney, presumably with care, and that’s a fire hazard, so Netflix will have to do. So what better way to keep up the festive atmosphere than by reading some random blogger’s thoughts on a few obscure sports topics? Gather up the fam and check out the latest edition of Wake Up With Whitty!

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