Countdown to Kickoff: 23 Days

23. The Buckeyes have 23 bowl victories during their history. Technically they have 22 official victories, as the 2011 Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas was vacated by the school, but since I saw the game myself on TV and witnessed the Ohio State victory, you can't convince me that it didn't happen (but stay tuned for tomorrow's Countdown to Kickoff where I talk about Ohio State's 22 official bowl victories). While that number doesn't rank anywhere at the top of the list of most bowl victories of all time, it's still an impressive stat. Their overall bowl record isn't as impressive, however, with 22/23 wins and 25 losses. Of the 23ish bowl victories, 7 came from the Rose Bowl (7-7 overall) and 2 have come in National Championship Games (2-2 overall). Getting to the big dance is great, but ultimately it doesn't mean anything if you don't come away with the victory. Luckily for the Buckeyes there are now two chances every season to add to their bowl victory total, thanks to the College Football Playoff. And this year they have an opportunity to add to their Rose Bowl and Championship Game totals, so it's win-win (hopefully).

King Saban Wants to Change NCAA Football Scheduling Because He’s Bored with Winning Everything

ESPN –¬†Alabama coach Nick Saban has a theory for the College Football Playoff that he thinks is “so far out” that nobody will listen to him.

“We should play all teams in the Power 5 conferences,” Saban said Wednesday. “If we did that, then if we were going to have bowl games, we should do the bowl games just like we do in the NCAA basketball tournament — not by record but by some kind of power rating that gets you in a bowl game. If we did that, people would be a little less interested in maybe bowl games and more interested in expanding the playoff.”

Shut up, Nick. Well, I mean… I kinda agree with you in some aspects, but shut up. While it’s absurd that 6 wins can get you a bowl berth, I’m not a fan of the expanded playoff system and the Power 5 conferences keeping to themselves throughout the regular season.¬† Continue reading

Countdown to Kickoff: 37 Days

37.  Ohio State has finished a season with 1 or fewer losses 37 times during their history.  Nowadays, if you want to have any hope at all of making the College Football Playoff, you have to be near perfect during the regular season.  Of the 12 teams that have made the College Football Playoff, none of them had more than 1 loss during the regular season.  The margin for error has gotten slightly larger now that 4 teams have a chance at the title (as opposed to 2 back in the BCS days), but you still really can’t afford to have more than one slip up.  That’s part of why I love College Football.  Every game means so much, which, as a fan, is a blessing and a curse.  Some of those close games have taken years off of my life, and if your team loses it can ruin your week/month/year (or maybe I just take it way too seriously).  Luckily for me, the Buckeyes are running the table this year, so I won’t have to worry about it, and I get to use this as number 38 on next year’s  Countdown to Kickoff.