Jim Harbaugh Believes ‘You Are What You Eat’. Apparently He’s Not Eating Big Ten Success For Dinner

College football coaches are weird dudes. From Les Miles eating grass to [REDACTED] faking a heart attack to get out of a contract when he realized the future of [REDACTED] football wasn’t as promising as it once was, you could write a book about the oddities of college coaches. Jim Harbaugh is no different when it comes to his theories on food. This might trump his previous take on the skim vs. whole milk debate.

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Best College GameDay Sign – Wisconsin | Madison, WI, 11/18/17

The long awaited return of the Milliron Sports College GameDay Sign blog is here. It’s been a while, but the stars aligned and I was able to get some quality time in with the blog machine on this gloomy Saturday morning.

The GameDay crew was in Madison, Wisconsin for this week’s showdown between the Michigan Wolverines and Wisconsin Badgers. I have no dog in the fight, but I love cold weather Big Ten football, so this is must see TV in the Mac household. As expected, the opposing coach, Jim Harbaugh took a beating from the fans with their signs. If you can weed through all the copycats out there trying to get money sent to their Venmo accounts, there is usually some pretty good content in the crowd. That is, unless you’re in NYC Time Square for some weird reason.   Continue reading

Best College GameDay Sign – Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, VA, 09/30/17

This week the College GameDay crew stormed onto Virginia Tech’s campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. With GameDay back on a college campus where it belongs, I expected a better turnout than last week’s NYC showing. The nerds at Virginia Tech did not disappoint.

As expected, Dabo Swinney took another beating. This week made more sense since Virginia Tech is playing Clemson, but there’s no doubt that Dabo is the inspiration for a large percentage of all GameDay signs this year. I’m not a fan of how easy GameDay-goers are letting Nick Saban off these days, but maybe we’ll see Saban signs pick up once they get into the meat of the SEC schedule and he does something to be a dickhead.

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Best College GameDay Sign – Times Square, New York City, 09/23/17

I was skeptical when I heard College GameDay was going to be at Times Square in New York City. I wasn’t sure if there were enough die-hard, drunk college kids to produce a plethora of funny signs to pick from this week. Annnnd, I was right. Sure, every major college program has a bar dedicated to their school on game days. ESPN wasn’t going to let us forget about that. The problem is, these people are adults with jobs and lives, not college kids with nothing other than a case of beer, a sharpie, and countless hours thinking of funny signs.

Despite the lack of material, I pulled through, and I think I found some signs worth of being featured in this week’s GameDay Sign breakdown.   Continue reading

Best College GameDay Sign – Louisville, Kentucky, 09/16/17

Louisville knew they had their work cut out for them after Columbus’ strong showing last week as Ohio State took on The University of Oklahoma (aka UO). Did they answer the call? Hit “Read More” to find out! (That’s an industry secret to get more clicks and action on your webpage)  Continue reading

Nati Boys #19: Are the Reds the Best Team in Baseball History?


On today’s episode of the Nati Boys podcast, the guys look ahead to the OSU and UC football games this weekend, and look forward to the Bengals Thursday Night Football game against the Texans.  We have a couple Reds stats (nerd), and talk about the streaking Indians and Dodgers.  We wrap the show up with some Kobe talk, Durant talking trash about Under Armor shoes, and have a fantasy draft of shoes we’d rather wear than Under Armor.

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Nati Boys #18: Football Sucks


The State of Ohio had a poor showing in football this weekend, much to the chagrin of the Nati Boys.  We briefly recap the Bearcats’, Bengals’ and Buckeyes’ woes and try to find some reasons to be positive about each of our teams.  Find out the latest reason why nobody likes Brian Kelly as we officially put him on the Hot Seat.  We discuss some of the biggest stories from Week 1 of the NFL season as well, including updates on Zeke Elliott’s pending suspension and on the Los Angeles Rams’ attendance issues.  We wrap things with a brief review of Lonzo Ball’s latest rap track and a “Would you rather…?” about athletic ability vs. musical talent.

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Nati Boys #16: Milliron Sports vs. Goliath


The first weekend of college football is in the books, and the Nati Boys recap some of this past weekend’s action.  We have an update on the Lakers tampering case and the Ball family is back in the news once again.  We discuss some of the surprise cuts, or lack thereof, made by the Bengals this weekend as we prepare for Week 1 of the NFL season.  We honor Joey Votto with the coveted Nati Boys “Good Guy Award”.  Finally, we wrap up the episode with a fantasy draft of some of our favorite upsets from the sports world and beyond.

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