Craft Beer-Themed Hotel, Yes Please!

Gentlemen mark your calendars for August 27th, heaven is officially coming to Columbus Ohio. The fine people at BrewDog Brewing company will officially open DogHouse USA and it will be the first ever craft beer-themed hotel in the world. The Scottish brewing company has used crowdfunding to create a craft beer enthusiasts dream. They will offer a variety of beer-themed amenities for you to enjoy as you will see in the video below. I know they had my money as soon as I heard shower beer fridge; that’s right folks ice cold shower beers! This may be the new happiest place on earth, sorry Walt.

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Rules Don’t Apply to Golden Boy Sidney Crosby

Every sport has that player that gets unfair criticism for being the Chosen One and getting the benefit of every call. Sidney Crosby gets criticism for getting the benefit of every call, but it is not unfair.

Crosby has a well documented history of head injuries that have put his long term health in question. Some people (me) blame his series of traumatic brain injuries for the pathetic excuse of a beard he tries to grow every summer during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Sidney, of all people, should understand the risk involved when it comes to head injuries, which led to my surprise when I witnessed this during tonight’s Game 5 contest:  Continue reading

American Craft Beer Week – Part 7

Well we’re finally here. It’s the final day of American Craft Beer Week and this is the last in my series of posts reviewing craft beers from around the country.  It’s been a fun ride.  Here’s what you’ve missed so far:

  Part 1 – Rhinegeist Knowledge
  Part 2 – Jackie O’s Firefly Amber
  Part 3 – Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat
  Part 4 – Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace
  Part 5 – New Holland Dragon’s Milk
  Part 6 – Stone Brewing Ruination 2.0

I’ve learned a lot during this whole process.  Like how I’m old and washed up and wake up with a headache after drinking just one of these high ABV beers.  College Whitty would be disappointed in me.  I also learned that identifying the complex aromas and flavors in these beers is more difficult than I thought.  After this last one I think I’ll just stick to sports for a while.
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