Nati Boys #80: Halloween (and the McRib) is Back!


This week we kick off the show with a recap of last weekend’s Lakers/Rockets brawl as we discuss whether or not Rondo intentionally spit on Chris Paul and CP3’s reputation as a dirty player.  We switch gears and recap the Bengals recent struggles coming off of an embarrassing Sunday Night Football performance, but we’re all confident that they can bounce back this week.  We give our thoughts on the Reds’ signing of David Bell as their new manager and we provide an update on our weekly football picks.  In honor of Halloween, we wrap up the show with a fantasy draft of our favorite Halloween costume ideas.

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David Bell Named Reds Manager, Time to Start World Series Parade Planning

Is this a bit of an overreaction on my part? Maybe, but why be a fan if you can’t get excited about a major organizational change  that seems to be the right move? It might also be the fact that I’m in a good mood because the Bengals haven’t had the chance to break my heart yet today.  Continue reading