I Watched an Episode of ESPN’s “Get Up!” and Here’s My Honest, Unbiased Review

Just kidding. There’s no way I could bring myself to sit through that. I don’t even know if I could be paid enough to sit through Greeny debating which lip balm he likes better and whether or not it’s acceptable to eat a Chipotle burrito with a spork.

Sorry for disappointing everyone who thought they were getting an honest review of ESPN’s newest morning show. Since I feel bad for wasting your time, here are some Joey Votto highlights and savage moments. Enjoy, everyone.

I Think I listened to My Last Bit of ESPN Radio This Morning

How did we get here? I used to listen to ESPN radio at work all day long. I can barely stand to turn it on now.

This morning, during my commute to work, I heard Trey Wingo name all 18 holes of Augusta National golf course. Each hole has a specific name, which I had no idea. Hole number four is named Flowering Crab Apple, for example. Who fucking cares?

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Join the Milliron Sports Bracket Challenge

Think you’re better than us at gambling and picking college basketball winners? Well, you probably are.. but now you have the chance to prove it! Join our Milliron Sports Bracket Challenge on ESPN and compete with all of our bloggers to become the King (or Queen, sup?) of College Basketball in the Milliron Sports community.

In addition to the satisfaction of making us all look like idiots, the winner will receive a Milliron Sports t-shirt and prize pack. It’s free. It’s easy. Sign up today!

Best College GameDay Sign – Times Square, New York City, 09/23/17

I was skeptical when I heard College GameDay was going to be at Times Square in New York City. I wasn’t sure if there were enough die-hard, drunk college kids to produce a plethora of funny signs to pick from this week. Annnnd, I was right. Sure, every major college program has a bar dedicated to their school on game days. ESPN wasn’t going to let us forget about that. The problem is, these people are adults with jobs and lives, not college kids with nothing other than a case of beer, a sharpie, and countless hours thinking of funny signs.

Despite the lack of material, I pulled through, and I think I found some signs worth of being featured in this week’s GameDay Sign breakdown.   Continue reading

Coming Soon: Today’s Best College GameDay Signs

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Every Saturday we see hilarious signs on ESPN’s College GameDay. The Washington State flag is a staple, but each week we’re blessed with hilarious signs (if you get the joke behind it) and sometimes questionable claims or accusations about an opposing player or coach (i.e. MilkGate between Michigan and Ohio State fans last season).

This season I’ll be posting the best sign(s) I saw throughout the day. If you come across any as you fight off a Saturday morning hangover and try to figure out if you’re watching Chris Fowler or Rece Davis talk, be sure to send them my way.

I’m an Ohio Bobcats season ticket holder (not to brag, but I’m bragging), so I will be relying heavily on Twitter and our loyal readers to send screen grabs my way. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the bartender at Pigskin to stop, rewind, and pause one of their TVs just so I can take a picture of someone making fun of Nick Saban for not smiling.

This week the College GameDay crew is in Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio State vs. Oklahoma (the knock-off OU). Since it’s a late match up, there should be plenty of time for funny signs to be caught on camera if you can see past all the Home Depot signage and subtle advertisement.

Send any signs you see my way at @MillironMac on Twitter. I’ll credit you for finding the best sign of the week if I use yours, and somewhere down the line we may work in some prizes or other opportunities (a day spent with Jefe, perhaps).

Grading the 2017 NBA Draft Grades

We’re a little over a week removed from the 2017 NBA draft and just about everyone has an opinion on how each team fared this year.  Even before these players have had a chance to step foot inside of a team facility, the so-called-experts were critiquing each and every pick in order to determine who won the draft (which is one of the most noteworthy achievements in all of sports).  Most of these writers know that they can throw together some thoughtless B.S. article with some half-assed grades, and if it sucks, nobody will notice and it will quickly be buried beneath all of the free agency and trade rumors.  I mean, who cares what some hack from Bleacher Report wrote about the Phoenix Suns’ draft when there’s trade news like Chris Paul to Houston or Paul George to Oklahoma City?  It’s not like these guys are getting graded on the draft grades that they assign, right?  Wrong!

I’m here to help you determine which draft grades are worth your time to read, and which ones you can just skip altogether.  I don’t regularly follow the NBA or college basketball, so I won’t be providing much analysis into the quality of the picks or the accuracy of each writer’s grades.  Instead, I’ll focus on the important things: whether or not it’s well-written, if it’s funny, if the writer used a lot of cool pictures to get my attention, how well they justify their grades, etc.  So without further ado, let’s grade some 2017 NBA Draft grades!
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I’m Addicted to Women’s Softball and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

Every year I find myself becoming entrenched in a sport’s championship that I don’t watch throughout it’s respective season. Most years it’s the Little League World Series or some random Olympic sport that normal people only watch every four years. Last year it was some variation of men’s rugby and the year before that it was one of the many world championships they hold for gymnastics. This year, I have watched more NCAA Women’s Softball than I thought was possible. Continue reading

Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

We’re still a few months away from the beginning of the NFL season, but ESPN got the sports world talking about their flagship NFL program, Monday Night Football in the early days of June with today’s big news. I guess when the NBA is taking a six week break between NBA Finals games and you don’t hold the rights to the NHL Stanley Cup Final, you have to make news somehow. Must not be much happening in the Tebow Baseball Universe.

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