Nati Boys #71: Football Is So Close, Yet So Far Away


On today’s episode of the Nati Boys Podcast, we lightly roast Jefe over his receding hairline, talk Browns episode 3 of Hard Knocks, George Iloka being released from the Bengals and Whitty totally pops while giving his hot take about the Urban Meyer situation in Columbus. Our fantasy draft this week is of things we’re looking forward to during the football season. Enjoy the show!

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Saying Goodbye to Jeremy Hill

On Wednesday, Bengals RB Jeremy Hill posted the above tweet and video. As a Bengals fan, I’m not 100% sure how to feel about his departure. His four seasons here were so hit or miss (mostly miss after his rookie campaign). He showed so much promise in his rookie season that went on to go unfulfilled.

Did some of the lack of production in 2015 and 2016 have to do with awful O-line play? Of course. But, it also felt like he tried to change his running style to mimic Le’Veon Bell, where you hesitate and wait for the holes that never showed up. Running downhill was much more productive for him, and he seemed to lose that function of his game after 2014. His 1100 yards in 2014 shrunk to 800 in 2015 with the same amount of carries.

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Jerry Jones Says “NO EXTENSION FOR YOU!”

Who didn’t expect this? Jerry Jones is not happy with Roger Goodell’s current handling of his star running back’s off the field troubles. At this point there’s not much he can do on the Zeke front as it plays out in court, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go down kicking and screaming.

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Countdown to Kickoff: 50 Days

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It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen.  At just over 7 weeks to go, the college football season is almost upon us.  Join me over the next 50 days as I countdown until the start of Ohio State’s football season on August 31st (and yes, I realize the college football season kicks off the weekend before that, but c’mon, who cares?).  The anticipation is already starting to build here in Ohio.  It feels a bit odd to be starting the season on the road on a Thursday night against a Big 10 opponent, but I actually like that fact that they aren’t starting off with some MAC school that they would absolutely blow the doors off of.  Indiana’s no juggernaut either, but they have given the Buckeyes some trouble in recent years, so it should be a good one to watch.

Last season ended on quite the sour note.  The Buckeyes looked inept in every phase of the game as they were routed by Clemson 31-0 in the College Football Playoffs.  Hopefully the Buckeyes can get back there this year.  That’s going to hinge mostly on the arm of JT Barrett.  If he can return to his 2014 form I think the Buckeyes are a lock to win the Big 10 and get back to the playoff.  But he’s been incredibly inconsistent since then, and as he goes, so goes the offense.  With a young, inexperienced receiving corps, it’s going to be a tough task.  Right now I’m feeling confident about the upcoming season, but with 50 days left until opening kickoff, the next 7 weeks are bound to be roller coaster of emotions.

Summer Sports Depression

It’s official.  With football still months away, and the NBA/NHL finals in the rear view mirror, we’re left with nothing but Major League Baseball to hold our attention until we get some fake NFL games in August.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the last two games of the NBA finals, with KD getting his first ring with the Superteam to beat all Superteams.  The chippy nature of the games and the almost-fights were fun to watch.  And Xavier Alum/badass David West got his first ring.  Also, apparently KD doesn’t like the taste of beer… pussy.

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Major NCAA Coaching Changes Underway

This week saw the tenure of two iconic NCAA coaches come to an end.  On Monday Thad Matta and Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith held a joint press conference to announce that Matta would not return to coach the Buckeyes for the 2017-2018 NCAA basketball season.  Then on Wednesday Bob Stoops announced that he would be stepping down from his position as head football coach for the University of Oklahoma, effective immediately.  Each coach was the winningest head coach in their school’s history for their respective sports, so both schools have some pretty big shoes to fill.

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Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

We’re still a few months away from the beginning of the NFL season, but ESPN got the sports world talking about their flagship NFL program, Monday Night Football in the early days of June with today’s big news. I guess when the NBA is taking a six week break between NBA Finals games and you don’t hold the rights to the NHL Stanley Cup Final, you have to make news somehow. Must not be much happening in the Tebow Baseball Universe.

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