Eagles Fan Gets Best Super Bowl Tattoo of All Time

I’m kind of tired of the standard championship tattoos people get every season when their team wins the big game. Is that because I’m partially jealous that they are getting to celebrate a championship and I’m not? Probably. But this isn’t about me. It’s even worse when fans get the preemptive celebratory tattoo just for attention on Twitter and the annoying Darren Rovell tweets. Continue reading

Canadian Superman Joey Votto Ranked Top First Baseman by MLB.com

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MLB.com‘s Mike Petriello – We went with Votto by a hair, because his all-around excellence is overwhelming. He didn’t just lead the Majors with a .454 OBP, he had a top-10 slugging percentage, too. That made him the third-best hitter overall on a rate basis behind Mike Trout and Aaron Judge. He even made improving his defense a preseason priority, and he did just that, moving his Defensive Runs Saved total from minus-14 in 2016 to plus-11 in ’17.

Well lookie here… people in the national media are finally starting to see what we’ve been saying in Cincinnati for years. Joey Votto isn’t just good. Not even damn good. He’s the absolute best first baseman in the game today. If you put Votto on a big market team, he’d be revered as one of the best to play the game. It’s a good thing Joey doesn’t care about that stuff, which is why Cincinnati is perfect for him, and he’s perfect for us.

I am a little concerned that MLB’s Mike Petriello left out that he led the league in donkeys bought for teammates, but at this point I’m happy with any recognition our Canadian Superman can get.

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The BBWAA Is Officially Uninvited to My Birthday Party

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America should be ashamed of themselves. They robbed Joseph Daniel Votto of his second National League Most Valuable Player Award and gave it to some jabroni that hit .281 and can’t decide if he wants to go by Mike or Giancarlo. You know who rakes and doesn’t have an identity crisis over what his name should be? Joey Votto.¬† Continue reading

Nati Boys #11: Football and Chicken Pox Don’t Mix


On today’s episode we start off with a little Reds talk, including Mez’s most recent injury, Joey Votto doing Joey Votto things, and Scooter taking the mound.¬† We move onto the Bengals pre-season ESPN power ranking.¬† We also get into some Miami Dolphins news/injury talk, a couple short basketball segments, and end it with a fantasy draft of things that are taller than Aaron Judge.

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Zack Cozart, Not Dodger Fans to Blame for Bench Warming Seager

SBNation¬†-The rosters for the 2017 MLB All-Star Game¬†have been released¬†and, for the most part, there aren’t many glaring errors. Of course, you’ll have fans of various teams claiming that their underrated star player got snubbed in an egregious manner and the issue should be addressed by a very distinguished panel, but those arguments normally come and go without much of an issue. However, most of howling about any sort of snub¬†is coming from Los Angeles¬†after Corey Seager was only given a reserve spot as an all-star and Justin Turner was sent to the Final Vote.

Now, you might be thinking “Hey, it doesn’t matter how you get in the All-Star Game, it only matters that you get in,” right? That’s probably true for Seager, but with the way Turner has been playing so far this season, you could make the argument that he shouldn’t have to go through the Final Vote process. The person who is arguing that point the loudest is Kenley Jansen, who didn’t mince words when it came to his opinion on the matter. Jansen is going to Miami, but he told Bill Shaikin of the¬†Los Angeles Times¬†that¬†he blames the Dodger fans¬†for not doing a good enough job of voting for Turner.


There was a large contingent of Dodgers fans that were upset that their second-rate (hope people can take a joke) shortstop didn’t win the All-Star Game fan vote over Cincinnati’s Zack Cozart and his donkey campaign led by Joey Votto. A lot of people were quick to point the finger at Joey and Zack for using the donkey gimmick to win the swing states. Not only did Zack win, he won in relatively convincing fashion. I’m no expert in ASG voting history, but winning by 86,117 doesn’t fit the narrative the Dodgers fans (and players, stay tuned) are trying to present as a fringe guy getting the edge on the deserving All-Star just because a future Hall of Famer promised to buy the now-All-Star a donkey.¬† Continue reading

Joey Votto Is in the Market for a Donkey


Just when I thought I couldn’t love this team more, this happens.

CBSSports.com РReds shortstop Zack Cozart, who is having a phenomenal season, jumped over Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager as the leading vote-getter at his position. Pretty neat to see Cozart get so much support.

Anyway, if Cozart does make the All-Star Game this season, teammate Joey Votto promised him a special gift: a donkey. Yes, a donkey. I don’t get it either, but it is what it is.

People always complain that Joey is a robot and doesn’t do anything redeemable outside of being one of the best hitters of our generation. What will the haters say now? Just because Joey doesn’t have a tagline he repeats ad nauseam or laugh uncontrollably when he knows the cameras are on him after a great play, people have always assumed he has zero personality and is annoyed by fans. Now that that non-specific player I just described was traded to the Braves, the real Joey is finally being discovered. Continue reading

For the First Time Ever, Cincinnati Should Follow Cleveland’s Lead

Everybody experiences their “firsts” at different stages of their lives. First girlfriend. First beer. First, um, you know..

And…. the first time you admit Cleveland actually does something right. I almost threw up saying that. Continue reading

Votto With the Most Canadian Trash Talk Ever

It’s becoming more and more common with smartphones: the up-close, in-game athlete/fan interaction caught on video.  We’ve seen it a few times of late and just last week with LeBron James making fun of a fan that was sitting courtside (he made some crack about the dudes shoes).

Last night was mild-mannered Joey Votto’s turn.  Some Cleveland Indians fan was sitting behind home plate and told Joey “I remember when you used to be good.”  Without hesitation Joey barks back “I remember when you used to be thin.”

Continue reading