I Don’t Get Most Reds Fans

I’m baffled. I follow a number of Reds fans on Twitter, and they kind of confuse me. The talk all offseason was how we didn’t do much in free agency, and how we weren’t going to be very good this season. Now, everyone is surprised that they’re off to a bad start? Is it because we (yea, I’m one of those fans that say “we,” get over it) are off to a worse start than expected? It’s the beginning of the season people, chill out.

If you think this is a bad start, I’ve got some horrifying news for you: things probably aren’t going to get any better immediately. Suarez getting hit in the thumb by an errant pitch isn’t great for business. The bats haven’t been there yet for the team, with Geno and Scooter being a couple of the exceptions. And if the Reds choose to bring up top prospect Nick Senzel on Friday, I’m not expecting him to be an all-star. The kid has barely played any AA and AAA ball. He’s still very raw.

In the meantime, as we struggle through this long season, I’m going to try and focus on the fun parts of the team. Like Billy being amazing in the outfield, and lightning on the base paths. I love seeing Tucker calling a good game and swinging the bat well early on. Hell, I even laugh whenever Joey trolls the fans, like last night in Philly.

While we wait for this team to produce runs, I’ll try to enjoy this young pitching rotation as they learn how to be major leaguers. It’s not going to be fun every night, but a lot of the young guns have potential (I’m looking at you Romano, Mahle and Garret).

And please dear lord, don’t let Barry Larkin inherit this team as-is. The last thing I want to happen is for all of Cincinnati to turn on our boy Barry.

Let’s chill out, Reds fans. It’s a 162 game season. The Reds are bound to win 20.

I Watched an Episode of ESPN’s “Get Up!” and Here’s My Honest, Unbiased Review

Just kidding. There’s no way I could bring myself to sit through that. I don’t even know if I could be paid enough to sit through Greeny debating which lip balm he likes better and whether or not it’s acceptable to eat a Chipotle burrito with a spork.

Sorry for disappointing everyone who thought they were getting an honest review of ESPN’s newest morning show. Since I feel bad for wasting your time, here are some Joey Votto highlights and savage moments. Enjoy, everyone.

Nati Boys #51: Opening Day!!


The Nati Boys get you ready for the upcoming MLB season this week with a preview of the Reds, and our predictions for the World Series. Our fantasy draft this week is of things that deserve a parade similar to Opening Day. Enjoy the show!

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Eagles Fan Gets Best Super Bowl Tattoo of All Time

I’m kind of tired of the standard championship tattoos people get every season when their team wins the big game. Is that because I’m partially jealous that they are getting to celebrate a championship and I’m not? Probably. But this isn’t about me. It’s even worse when fans get the preemptive celebratory tattoo just for attention on Twitter and the annoying Darren Rovell tweets. Continue reading

Canadian Superman Joey Votto Ranked Top First Baseman by MLB.com

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MLB.com‘s Mike Petriello – We went with Votto by a hair, because his all-around excellence is overwhelming. He didn’t just lead the Majors with a .454 OBP, he had a top-10 slugging percentage, too. That made him the third-best hitter overall on a rate basis behind Mike Trout and Aaron Judge. He even made improving his defense a preseason priority, and he did just that, moving his Defensive Runs Saved total from minus-14 in 2016 to plus-11 in ’17.

Well lookie here… people in the national media are finally starting to see what we’ve been saying in Cincinnati for years. Joey Votto isn’t just good. Not even damn good. He’s the absolute best first baseman in the game today. If you put Votto on a big market team, he’d be revered as one of the best to play the game. It’s a good thing Joey doesn’t care about that stuff, which is why Cincinnati is perfect for him, and he’s perfect for us.

I am a little concerned that MLB’s Mike Petriello left out that he led the league in donkeys bought for teammates, but at this point I’m happy with any recognition our Canadian Superman can get.

joey votto mountie

The BBWAA Is Officially Uninvited to My Birthday Party

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America should be ashamed of themselves. They robbed Joseph Daniel Votto of his second National League Most Valuable Player Award and gave it to some jabroni that hit .281 and can’t decide if he wants to go by Mike or Giancarlo. You know who rakes and doesn’t have an identity crisis over what his name should be? Joey Votto.  Continue reading

Nati Boys #11: Football and Chicken Pox Don’t Mix


On today’s episode we start off with a little Reds talk, including Mez’s most recent injury, Joey Votto doing Joey Votto things, and Scooter taking the mound.  We move onto the Bengals pre-season ESPN power ranking.  We also get into some Miami Dolphins news/injury talk, a couple short basketball segments, and end it with a fantasy draft of things that are taller than Aaron Judge.

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