Kenyon Martin Is Getting a Mural Presented to Him Tonight, and I Need a Copy of It

I’m not an art guy. Never have been and I won’t apologize for it. In fact, there’s only one piece of art I’ve ever tried to buy, but my wife nixed my plans. You see, at the time we lived in a one-bedroom apartment above a hair salon and sandwich shop in a neighborhood we were too poor to live in. The artwork would’ve overpowered our small dwelling. Now that we have a house with more than just a living room and bedroom, I’m thinking about making another play at this beautiful piece. Continue reading

Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball Highlights to Pump You Up

Your #12 Cincinnati Bearcats tip off Friday at noon against NCAA powerhouse Savannah State.  The boys are looking good from what I’ve seen of the Red and Black scrimmage, and the two exhibition blowouts.  This is going to be Mick’s best team, with the addition of Cane Broome, and the return of Cumberland, Evans, Gary Clark (problem), and lefty post specialist Kyle Washington.  I’m going to argue that Cumberland and Evans are NBA bound, possibly after this season.  I can’t blame them; if they have spectacular seasons, make that money while you can.

With the new season starting up, here’s a look back at last years highlights:

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Nati Boys #26: The AFC North is Bad and They Should Feel Bad


The Nati Boys dive into the past weekend’s NCAA football action as we recap the Buckeyes victory over Maryland and UC’s loss to Central Florida.  Whitty takes some joy in the fact that Michigan and Oklahoma both lost to unranked  opponents, and we had ourselves some bonus MACtion as Western Michigan and Buffalo battled it out in a 7 OT thriller.  On Sunday the Bengals climbed within striking distance of first place in a weak AFC North with a sloppy victory over the Bills, while the Jets backed up their Twitter trash talk to the Browns by beating them in Cleveland to send them to 0-5 on the season.  The NHL season is finally underway as the Blue Jackets got off to a hot start on Friday before running into buzzsaw that is the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday night.  Alexander Ovechkin is imposing his will on opposing teams as he started out the year with 7 goals in two games.  Finally, we wrap things up with Kenyon Martin’s comments on Jeremy Lin’s decision to wear dreadlocks, which we all agree, looks pretty terrible.

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Wake Up With Whitty – 10/7/2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. It’s October and the NHL season is finally here. The Blue Jackets looked sharp in their season-opening 5-0 victory over the Islanders.  As an unbiased observer (fan) I honestly cannot envision a scenario where the Jackets don’t go 82-0 (Editor’s Note: 81-1-0) and then sweep their way to a Stanley Cup championship. I know it was only one game, but I’ve seen enough to say that I can’t see anyone beating this team (Editor’s Note: Again.).  It was also great seeing the Penguins on the wrong side of a 10-1 ass kicking.  I don’t usually care for the Blackhawks, but anyone that embarrasses the Pens like that is okay in my book.  Let’s just hope they got it all out of their systems for tonight.
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I’m officially best friends with the Denver Nuggets

Some budding romances are a long time coming, some develop when you least expect. When I woke up Sunday morning, I didn’t think I’d be going to bed having found an NBA team to pledge my undying loyalty to, but it happened. Denver Nuggets, I would like to welcome you into my family. Make yourselves comfortable.

I live in a part of the country that is no man’s land when it comes to NBA fandom. I’m 1.5 hours east of the closest NBA team and it’s in a state I try to avoid despite growing up just minutes from our shared border. The other “logical” option would be the team in my home state of Ohio, the Cleveland Cavaliers but I cannot and will not ever root for a team from that terrible city (other than the Jake Taylor led Indians). Continue reading