The Lakers Land LeBron, America Loses

This isn’t even about basketball. We can hate LeBron regardless of the city he’s playing in. As a Cincinnati guy, it was just really convenient that he happened to play in a city I can’t stand. Whether it was anointing himself the King, playing with an almost-broken hand, flopping his way into an and-1, or hunkering down in a “Decision Cave” to decide where he’d play this season, I’ve always had plenty of reasons to not like the Kid From Akron (another nickname he gave himself).

Now that LeBron is in LA, there’s one thing that is certain. No, not a championship. The Warriors and the rest of the Western Conference are still stacked. This means more movie roles and most likely Space Jam 2, which should never be remade. You wouldn’t expect another NBA big man to remake Kazaam so why in the fuck are we gonna let LeBron ruin Space Jam’s legacy? It’s unacceptable and I won’t stand for it.

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Nati Boys #45: Basketball Is Back!


With the football being over, we’ve got an exciting basketball focused podcast coming your way from the Nati Boys. We talk UC, Xavier and OSU all being in the top 10 in the AP polls, LeBron’s trades in the NBA, and Lavar Ball is still running his mouth. We have a slightly different fantasy draft tonight where we all select our starting five of non-NBA players. Enjoy the show!

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Lonzo Ball: Summer League Savior

Lavar’s son looked pretty impressive in his second Summer League game for the Lakers.  He notched a triple-double after a pretty dismal first game ( a 2-15 shooting performance).  Lonzo is a point guard in the true sense of the word; he’s a pass-first player with an ugly shot, that knows how to run the floor.  His bounce-back in game 2 still wasn’t enough for the Lakers to get the win against the Celtics.

I normally pay a little attention to the Summer League, but this year it’s been must-watch TV for me as a Lakers fan.  Here’s Lonzo’s highlights from his triple-double game; we’ll act like game 1 didn’t happen.

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Crazy NBA Draft Week

Last week, I complained about the dreaded summer sports lull that we were headed into, and BAM!  The NBA came running to save the day with crazy trade rumors all leading up to tonight’s draft.  I think the first couple of picks are locked in, but after that, we could be in for quite an entertaining night of trades.  Let’s take a look back on the week’s rumors and look forward to what’s going to happen tonight:

The big-name rumors surrounded Paul George of the Indiana Pacers saying that he planned on signing with a different team in free agency after his contract was up at the end of next season.  Apparently, he’s said that he wants to play for the Lakers next season, but Indiana is obviously going to try and get the most from a trade from anyone, not just LA.  The pacers were believed to be talking to the Lakers, Clippers and Cavaliers about possible trade options for PG13

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LeBron to LA?!?

It’s been 48 hours since LeBron and Co. got smoked in the NBA Finals by the Dubs, and I’m already sick of the rumors:

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And With the #2 Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers Select…


2013 NBA Logo” by Michael Tipton is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dear God, please don’t let it be Lonzo Ball.

Last night, from 8-8:30 I was flipping between watching the Reds and Cubs slug it out, and ESPN’s coverage of the NBA Draft Lottery countdown.  At 8:30, they were expected to begin announcing the draft order, so from that point on, I was locked in.

The Lakers had a chance to get any pick from 1-6, and only got to keep their pick if it was top 3.  If they had received picks 4, 5 or 6, the selection would have gone to Philly as part of the Steve Nash trade from what feels like 19 years ago.  Picks 14-7 were announced in reverse order, and when they got to picks 6, 5 and 4, my breath was held.  Alas, I did not hear the Lakers name announced, and knew that we had secured a top 3 pick, and I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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