Fantasy Draft of Jerseys

In the most recent episode of The Nati Boys Podcast, the Fantasy Draft was of their favorite professional sports jerseys.  Make sure you listen to the podcast so you can hear our justification for the picks, and some honorable mentions not shown here.  The pictures below are of each persons pick.  Vote on twitter for who you think had the best overall draft!

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Raw Recap 07/17/17

The WWE had its universe of fans buzzing all week about what Kurt Angle’s mysterious announcement would be this week on Raw. It is no surprise that they would use the first two hours of the show to tease this announcement attempting to keep fans on the edge of their seats. 

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Now Available: The Nati Boys Podcast

Introducing the Nati Boys podcast, presented by Milliron Sports.  Join DB, Jefe, Mac and Whitty as we discuss the latest in sports and entertainment news.  If you enjoy the deep, insightful content that you find here at Milliron Sports then you’re going to love the Nati Boys podcast.  Our introductory episode is available now, with more episodes coming soon!

You’ll be able to find all episodes of the Nati Boys podcast here on the website and through iTunes here.

In addition, all of the latest episodes will be available for a short time through SoundCloud here.

That’s so Athens 

The Milliron Sports crew is embarking on an awesome adventure this Saturday. We are returning to our home away from home; Ohio University for Ohio Brew Week. A trip to Athens no matter how long or short the stay always provides endless stories. It also brings back a lot of memories, and obviously with the reputation of being a highly ranked party school most memories are about drunken nights. I have a couple of stories I’d like to share that come to mind every time I think Athens.

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Raw Recap 07/10/17

Welcome to another Raw Recap with Jefe; where I breakdown the latest episode of RAW and offer my predictions on future matches. Tonight’s Raw featured the continued development of storylines that should carry into SummerSlam. Last nights pay per view (Great Balls of Fire) in my opinion was an amazing success. It brought back flashes of the “Attitude Era” with a brutal end to the Ambulance Match. Titles were retained, friendships were ended, and rivalries continued. So what happened on tonight’s RAW?

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Raw Recap 07/03/2017

Welcome to the first edition of Jefe’s Monday Night Raw Rundown; where I will be doing a review of my favorite moments from the show. Tonight’s episode was action packed as it is the week of the Raw pay per view; Great Balls of Fire. Below are my favorite moments from tonight’s show.

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Brock vs. Joe: The Preview

Lesnar vs Joe (Picture: WWE)

Fellow wrestling fans, we may have an epic battle on our hands in Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. The two finally clashed on Monday Night RAW. It was an all out brawl between the Superstars. The brawl on Monday night adds excitement to the storyline, and has a lot of wrestling fans marking out at the thought of this match up at WWE’s Pay-Per-View, Great Balls of Fire.

Samoa Joe made his first appearance on the main WWE roster in January. His presence was immediately felt as he was introduced as a heel to fans. Joe had a direct impact on the storyline between Triple H and Seth Rollins, when he injured Seth Rollins knee in an ambush attack almost costing him a WrestleMania appearance.

So what’s next for Samoa Joe? He has held title belts with several other brands, so most fans think he is being groomed to be the next champion and face of the brand. I don’t believe he’ll get a chance to hoist the Universal Championship quite yet. I anticipate they will ride out Brock Lesnar’s reign until the next WrestleMania. What do you think? Comment Below!

Scooter Gennett: Oh What a Night!

We entered the 2017 Reds regular season having low expectations, mostly due to the trading away of fan favorite players and a lack of post season appearances. Tight competition in the NL Central has allowed this team to stay relevant up to this point in the season. You can’t deny the fight in this years team, they have received outstanding performances from unexpected players.

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Risk Vs. Reward: The Adam Jones Project 

Hey Adam can we chat? What the hell are you doing? Do you not get that you are ruining your life? I’ve given you chance after chance and even the product on the field has become questionable.

These are the only words that should be spoken by Bengals Owner Mike Brown. When is it time to move on from the controversial Adam “Pacman” Jones?

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