Grading the 2017 NBA Draft Grades

We’re a little over a week removed from the 2017 NBA draft and just about everyone has an opinion on how each team fared this year.  Even before these players have had a chance to step foot inside of a team facility, the so-called-experts were critiquing each and every pick in order to determine who won the draft (which is one of the most noteworthy achievements in all of sports).  Most of these writers know that they can throw together some thoughtless B.S. article with some half-assed grades, and if it sucks, nobody will notice and it will quickly be buried beneath all of the free agency and trade rumors.  I mean, who cares what some hack from Bleacher Report wrote about the Phoenix Suns’ draft when there’s trade news like Chris Paul to Houston or Paul George to Oklahoma City?  It’s not like these guys are getting graded on the draft grades that they assign, right?  Wrong!

I’m here to help you determine which draft grades are worth your time to read, and which ones you can just skip altogether.  I don’t regularly follow the NBA or college basketball, so I won’t be providing much analysis into the quality of the picks or the accuracy of each writer’s grades.  Instead, I’ll focus on the important things: whether or not it’s well-written, if it’s funny, if the writer used a lot of cool pictures to get my attention, how well they justify their grades, etc.  So without further ado, let’s grade some 2017 NBA Draft grades!
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Wake Up With Whitty – 6/25/2017

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Wake up With Whitty. We’re just a couple weeks into that dreaded summer sports lull, but the NHL and NBA have provided us with plenty of excitement to keep us on the edge of our seats. I know nobody wants to have to think for themselves this early in the morning, so let me go ahead and do the thinking for you. Then once you’ve had a chance to wake up a bit, feel free to come back and tell me why I’m wrong.
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Crazy NBA Draft Week

Last week, I complained about the dreaded summer sports lull that we were headed into, and BAM!  The NBA came running to save the day with crazy trade rumors all leading up to tonight’s draft.  I think the first couple of picks are locked in, but after that, we could be in for quite an entertaining night of trades.  Let’s take a look back on the week’s rumors and look forward to what’s going to happen tonight:

The big-name rumors surrounded Paul George of the Indiana Pacers saying that he planned on signing with a different team in free agency after his contract was up at the end of next season.  Apparently, he’s said that he wants to play for the Lakers next season, but Indiana is obviously going to try and get the most from a trade from anyone, not just LA.  The pacers were believed to be talking to the Lakers, Clippers and Cavaliers about possible trade options for PG13

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