Nati Boys #53: NBA and NHL Playoff Preview


That’s right, we’re talking playoffs on this week’s episode, both NBA and NHL. We give you our picks for the Finals and break down who we think has the best shot to win it this year. With our inspiration being the Las Vegas Knights, our fantasy draft this week is of best debuts. Enjoy the show!

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Wake Up With Whitty – 5/20/2017

Good Morning and welcome to another edition of “Wake Up With Whitty”, where I cover a broad range of topics from the week that’s passed.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to process their own thoughts this early in the morning, so let me do the thinking for you.  And if you want to come back after you’ve had your coffee and let me know why I’m an idiot, feel free to do so!
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Pre Game Meal with El Jefe 05/15/17

Welcome to another edition of “Pre Game Meal with El Jefe.” We have a whole new set of must watch match ups this week. This week brings us conference final games in two different leagues. It should be a great week to watch some history making moments in the world of sports.

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Two of the Sweetest Words in Sports: Game Seven

Both teams are looking for a shot to play the well-rested Cavaliers (they’ll have had 10 days off by the time the ECF start).  Tonight at 8PM, the Boston Celtics take on the Washington Wizards in a matchup for the ages.

Celtics vs. Wizards

Thomas vs. Wall

Oubre vs. Olynyk, round 2 (hopefully)

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Friend-zoned In Front Of Thousands

The guys face says it all.  It’s everything he ever wanted and more.  He was so excited to finally get his shot with the girl of his dreams.

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Cavs Vs. Warriors. It’s Happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the NBA Playoffs.  There have been some great series so far, and watching John Wall talk trash to anything that moves has been thoroughly entertaining.  The heroics of Isaiah Thomas have been amazing, and watching the Cavs and Warriors dismantle teams has been fun at times (boring most of the time, though).

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