The World Is Probably Coming to an End and I’m OK With It

That’s it. Pack it in. We had a good run here on Planet Earth. I’m just hoping the new leaders of our world don’t just kill us all at once and at least give us a glimpse at the fucked up alien communities they decide to build.

Maybe they’ll wait until after the Super Bowl. That would be pretty cool of them. Give us one last moment of happiness. Perhaps one more wardrobe malfunction. Oh, the halftime act is Maroon 5, you say? Sign me up. Nothing says “goodbye Earth” like an Adam Levine dick-slip in front of billions of people (ONLY ON CBS). Continue reading

Best College GameDay Sign – Times Square, New York City, 09/23/17

I was skeptical when I heard College GameDay was going to be at Times Square in New York City. I wasn’t sure if there were enough die-hard, drunk college kids to produce a plethora of funny signs to pick from this week. Annnnd, I was right. Sure, every major college program has a bar dedicated to their school on game days. ESPN wasn’t going to let us forget about that. The problem is, these people are adults with jobs and lives, not college kids with nothing other than a case of beer, a sharpie, and countless hours thinking of funny signs.

Despite the lack of material, I pulled through, and I think I found some signs worth of being featured in this week’s GameDay Sign breakdown.   Continue reading