Ray Lewis Thinks Stabbing Someone Is Better Than Boating With Your Boys… My Words, Not His. (Our lawyers made me add that last part)

So let me get this straight. A guy isn’t allowed to have legal fun (if you’re willing to overlook the pot and “foreign white substance” seen in some photos), but getting all stabby in Hotlanta is acceptable?

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Mac and Whitty’s NFL Uniform Power Rankings (16-9)

Mac and Whitty have a lot of similar interests. One thing they almost universally agree on is what makes a uniform good or bad. In the spirit of the NFL Divisional Round Weekend, they decided to power rank the NFL uniforms. Each genius made their list, 32 being the worst, 1 the best. In the event of two teams’ rankings average being a tie, the city with the lowest elevation got the nod, because low man always wins. Here we go…

Mac and Whitty’s NFL Uniform Power Rankings (32-25)

Mac and Whitty’s NFL Uniform Power Rankings (24-17)

16. Minnesota Vikings (Mac: 14, Whitty: 18)

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Mac: This is a team I had the biggest trouble ranking. I’m not a fan of the sleeve stripes, but they fit the Viking theme without going overboard like the Bengals. The helmet is also a classic look and I think the matte finish works well for the color purple. If you’re ok with purple, you should be ok with these jerseys. Plus, they’re all the way up in Minnesota, so who really cares?

Whitty: Once again, I’m not typically a huge fan of purple uniforms but I think it works here too. The contrast of the yellow and purple combo doesn’t look bad, but the uniform numbers do, and I’m not a fan of the sleeve stripe either. I don’t know how to feel about the matte helmets. It seems like something that would be more appropriate on a college football team.

15. Houston Texans (Mac: 16, Whitty: 16)

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Mac: I have no strong opinions one way or the other about Houston’s uniforms. I am a fan of the way they incorporate some Texas flavor into the helmet logo. One suggestion: avoid the monochromatic blue look.

Whitty: I don’t really have anything negative to say about the Texans uniforms. As a newer team they managed to avoid some of the gimmicks you see in today’s uniforms. They haven’t been around long enough to be considered classics like a lot of teams I ranked ahead of them, but overall a good looking uniform.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (Mac: 15, Whitty: 15)

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Mac: While I’m a bigger fan of the old school Eagles look from the Ron Jaworski era, I don’t mind the current Eagles uniform. I like the unique green that you don’t see on many other uniforms. The number font isn’t exactly new-age or classic, which puts my brain in a pretzel. If I were running the show in Philly, I’d eliminate or at least limit the amount of black used. Just the green and silver would really pop, in my opinion.

Whitty: I could do without some of the black trim, but this is an otherwise great uniform set. It’s simple and clean, plus they’re another team with a unique helmet that I really like. Cut out the unnecessary black trim and you’re really in business.

13. Dallas Cowboys (Mac: 8, Whitty: 14)

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Mac: Death, taxes, and Cowboys wearing white at home (unless it’s Thanksgiving). I love the Cowboys’ classic look. The only thing that keeps them out of my top five is the fact that they can’t decide on what shade of silver to use. Sometimes their pants look like they got washed with new blue jeans.

Whitty: I should probably have the Cowboys ranked higher than I do, but those bluish silver pants just bug me for some reason. I don’t know why they couldn’t go with a regular silver to match the helmet. Do that and it’s probably a top 5 uniform in my book. It’s not like they don’t have them, either, because they wear silver pants on rare occasions when they’re forced to wear blue jerseys.

12. Washington Redskins (Mac: 12, Whitty: 9)

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Mac: Washington doesn’t seem to do much right, but their uniforms might be one thing they’ve consistently done well. The color combination isn’t something I’m 100% on board with, but it seems to work for them since it’s been their look for as long as they’ve been around.

Whitty: Racist mascot/logo aside, the Redskins have a great looking uniform. The burgundy and yellow combo works great, and it’s a color combo you don’t see anywhere else, which makes them unique. I think the yellow pants would wear on me if I saw them a lot, but I don’t frequently watch the Redskins so I haven’t grown tired of that look yet.

11. New York Giants (Mac: 11, Whitty: 10)

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Mac: The only reason the Giants aren’t in my top ten is a simple, petty reason. I hate the logo change on the helmets. Wish they’d go back to the “GIANTS” wordmark across the helmets and bring back the white jersey with blue and red sleeve stripes. I can live with the change in the white jersey and the switching back and forth between gray and white pants for home/away, but the helmet must change before I consider them a top ten uniform.

Whitty: Another very simple, clean classic look. My one complaint is that I’m not a huge fan of the gray pants. I like silver pants when they’re a part of a team’s main color scheme, but these are gray and it’s not one of the Giants main colors. Luckily they’ve been wearing white pants at home lately, which is a huge upgrade, but they still wear gray on the road. Otherwise, this is a good looking uniform.

10. New York Jets (Mac: 6, Whitty: 13)

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Mac: The Jets have a great look that has withheld the test of time. Sure, they had a span there where the uniforms looked weird in the 90s because of the non-football shaped helmet logo, but the finally went back to their roots and with the sleeve stripes and classic block lettering, you’ve got yourself a great looking team that doesn’t match the production on the field.

Whitty: The Jets have an all around solid uniform. The colors are simple and they don’t have a lot of weird gimmicks. My one gripe would be that I don’t like the contrasting sleeve color. Going with just the shoulder stripes while keeping the sleeves the same color as the rest of the jersey would be a big improvement.

9. New Orleans Saints (Mac: 13, Whitty: 5)

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Mac: The NFC South hasn’t really had a strong showing so far in these rankings, but the Saints did their best to keep the division from being a total embarrassment. I really really like the Saints’ uniforms and I hope my #13 ranking doesn’t make you think otherwise. I love the solid color uniforms with nothing other than the numbers and sleeve logos. The fleur-de-lis is a perfect touch to honor the city they play in. Teams can go two different ways with this concept: 1, the way the Saints have perfectly done it, and 2. the wrong way (see: Maryland Terrapins). The one suggestion I’d have for New Orleans is to wear the white tops more.

Whitty: The Saints have one of my favorite helmets in the NFL and I love the black and gold combination. While I prefer when they wear the gold pants with their black jerseys, the black on black look is good as well. If I had to change one thing, I would probably make the jersey collar slightly thinner. Otherwise this is one of my favorite NFL uniforms.