Breaking: Team Picks Kicker in 2nd Round, Backfires Terribly

Who didn't see this coming? It was a head scratcher from day one when the Buccaneers used their second round pick on Roberto Aguayo in the 2016 NFL Draft. Sure, reliable kicking can be hard to find, but unless they are a franchise changing kicker with a cannon for a leg (see: Sebastian Janikowski), there's no reason to use a draft pick, let alone an early round pick on a kicker. They're not even real football players, so in a way it's a crock of shit that they're even eligible for the draft.

Hopefully the rest of the NFL learns from the Bucs' mistake and in turn, kicking gets phased out of the game. Go watch soccer if you wanna see 5'8" 135lb men kick stuff. I'll stick to my 6'7" 285lb tight end colliding with a linebacker and a healthy dose of CTE.

Wake Up With Whitty

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