While You Were Sleeping, Luis Castillo Officially Declared Himself a Cy Young Candidate

West coast baseball used to be a treat. In college, it just meant we had something to watch while we ordered food, drank whatever was left over in the keg from the weekend before and hours of MLB The Show Rivalry Mode (BRING IT BACK, SONY). Now, it’s exhausting. Every year when the Reds make their trips out west, I get really excited to watch late night baseball, just to fall asleep by the 5th inning. Last night was no different. Pizza -> Iron Man -> Reds game -> asleep by the 5th inning.

Just because the rest of Cincinnati fell asleep after a belly full of Trotta’s and Tony Stark being a badass doesn’t mean Luis Castillo didn’t continue to mow down the National League one game at a time.  Continue reading