Somebody Compiled All of Tom Haverford’s Business Ideas From Parks and Recreation, and Folks… Someone Better Call Shark Tank

They were spread out across seven seasons so it was hard to keep track of them all, but Tom Haverford had some pretty impressive business ideas. In fact, there are three to four ideas that I probably would’ve lost a ton of money investing in. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been offered a chair on Shark Tank yet.

Lucky for us, someone stayed up way too late one night and spliced them all together in a four minute video for our viewing pleasure. Continue reading

DB’s Best Thing Seen On Reddit: 1/25/18

I fell down a Reddit hole today.  On the front page, there was a gif (pronounced with a soft “g”) of Chris Pratt on the set of Parks and Rec making everyone laugh at something he did with his ice cream cone. That led me to read all of the comments, and in one of them was a youtube link to all of Chris Pratts bloopers and outtakes from his days on the set of one of my favorite sitcoms.

Pratt is a national treasure. Enjoy this video.