Nati Boys #44: Celebratory Sports Riots


The Nati Boys discuss the fallout from the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII victory, including Philadelphia fans rioting in the streets in celebration.  We speculate on what the future holds for the New England Patriots and we talk about how Josh McDaniels and Greg Schiano have caused quite a bit of turmoil in the coaching world.  In honor of the Winter Olympics we have a fantasy of Winter Olympic events we would most likely to see.  Finally, we wrap up the show by letting you know what we’re looking forward to in the upcoming weekend, where Jefe informs us that sports are now over.

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Are Football Coaches the Millennials of the Sports World?

When I woke up Tuesday morning Josh McDaniels was set to become the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Greg Schiano was reportedly replacing Matt Patricia as the defensive coordinator in New England. Now, just over 24 hours later, all that has changed. McDaniels will remain in New England as offensive coordinator and Schiano is staying at Ohio State. According to a 2017 study conducted by Milliron Sports, the average millennial will switch jobs at least 3 to 4 times during a standard work week, and that lack of commitment has clearly seeped into the football coaching world. Kids these days just sit there chewing their bubble gum with their hats on backwards playing their video games, and they think it’s okay to just renege on a commitment because of what type of mood they happen to be in that day. Back in my day, if you gave someone your word on something, you stood by it. Some people may call that old-fashioned. I call it integrity. Sad.

There are several schools of thought as to why McDaniels would change his mind about taking the Colts job. One theory is that he found out that Andrew Luck’s shoulder still isn’t healthy enough to play. Without a talented, well-established quarterback, that job becomes much less desirable. They haven’t been the most well-run organization of late, so having a QB like Luck would have been one of the few bright spots in that deal. Others are speculating that he was told that Bill Belichick will be retiring within the next year or two, and that he would be the replacement as Patriots head coach when that time comes. That would be a much more attractive job than Colts head coach, especially if Brady plans on hanging around a few more years. There are a few others who think this was just Robert Kraft’s way of sticking it to the Colts’ organization as payback for the deflategate ordeal. Personally, I believe it was the promise of replacing Belichick that coaxed McDaniels into staying, but it’s possible that all three of the above theories have a bit of truth to them.

The Schiano decision was a little bit more of a mystery to me. Most of that may be due to timing, since the news just broke this afternoon and the rumor mill hasn’t quite gotten into full swing. My first hunch is Schiano just doesn’t like Josh McDaniels and once he found out McDaniels was staying in New England, Schiano said “No thanks.” There’s nothing worse than working with a coworker that you can’t stand. Schiano is obviously no stranger to sudden changes when it comes to coaching jobs though. Just last year Schiano was rumored to be taking over the Tennessee Volunteers head coaching position until Vols fans bullied the athletic department into going back on the deal. Maybe he wanted to return the favor to somebody else. Or maybe he just knew his best shot at a championship was in Columbus working for a real football coach in Urban Meyer. I hope for his sake that he has a long, successful career at Ohio State though. It’s going to be tough to explain to potential future employers why he has three different jobs over the course of a four month period listed on his resume. Just like those damn millennials…

All this wishy-washiness does give me hope as a Bengals fan though. Most people in Cincinnati weren’t too thrilled when Marvin Lewis decided to stick around as the Bengals head coach, especially when he had reportedly expressed a desire to move on late in the season. Maybe Schiano and McDaniels will inspire Marvin to change his mind once more. It’s okay Marvin, there’s no shame in going back on a promise. After all, everyone’s doing it.

Super Easy Super Bowl Recipes

Sup fam? If you’re anything like me, when the Super Bowl rolls around and you’re invited to someone’s house to watch the game, you’re looking for the easiest thing to bring that doesn’t make you look lazy. If you just bring a bag of chips, someone may call you out for being a cheapskate and putting no time/effort into what you brought.

I’ve got a solution for you. The following recipes are super-fucking easy, and reasonably priced so you won’t disappoint your mother once again. Also, they happen to be delicious. Tell me what you think when you’ve tried them.

Bagels & Cheese Dip


  • 2 bricks of cream cheese
  • 2 jars of Old English spread
  • Garlic powder
  • Bagels, cut up for dipping


  1. Mash the cream cheese and Old English spread together. Really whip it up, whip it real good.
  2. Sprinkle in the garlic powder as you mix until it tastes good.
  3. Dip your bagel in it, and enjoy. You get to decide whether you share it with others or keep it all to yourself.

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Nati Boys #41: Fighting the Good Fight


On today’s episode of the Nati Boys podcast, we talk about the Divisional games in the NFL playoffs, preview the Championship weekend games and talk about the Jaguars trolling of the Steelers after their W. We also talk about North Korea sending 230 cheerleaders for their 2 athletes at the Winter Olympics, and there’s some drama cooking in the NBA with 3 fights in the past week. We end the show with a fantasy draft of our favorite sports fights.

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