DB’s Best Thing Seen On Reddit Today

Everybody loves Paul Rudd. Show me someone who has a distaste for Rudd, and I’ll show you someone I don’t trust. I don’t know if it’s his charm, or his boyish good looks, but I just wanna give that dude a hug. Whether he’s teaching Jason Segel how to surf in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or dating Phoebe on Friends, I’ve always found him funny to watch and endearing.

— Side note: I would not have guessed that Paul Rudd was going to turn 49 next year–

Apparently, Paul has a running gag for when he appears on Conan (who I’m also a big fan of). Instead of showing a clip of whatever movie it is he’s promoting, he shows a hilarious out of context scene from a terrible 80’s movie called Mac and Me. He’s been doing it for 15 years, and the linked video above is a compilation of him fooling Conan. Enjoy!