The 2018 Cincinnati Reds Can Legally Drink, Finally


No more sneaking around campus with water bottles filled with vodka. No more mixing Gatorade and gin and acting like you’re just trying to replenish your electrolytes at 11pm on a Friday night while walking around in an American Eagle button-up that you think will get you laid. Hell, they don’t even need to cough when cracking their beers open in the communal dorm showers. Actually, that one never goes away. I still cough when opening beers at home in the shower and I’m 11 birthdays past my 21st.

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Nati Boys #29: The World Series is Going On?


The Nati Boys get you ready for the sports weekend, with topics including Martavis Bryant being benched by the Steelers and Eric Bledsoe being benched by the Suns.  Are the Warriors becoming the evil empire now?  And surprise, surprise, the Sixers #1 overall pick is injured!  We make our NFL picks, and talk a little bit about the World Series, and the Opening Day Reds parade not being on Opening Day next year.  We wrap the show up with a Fantasy Draft of our favorite TV shows that were cancelled too early.  Enjoy the show!

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