Amir Garrett is Leroy Jenkins

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There was a lot of Reds news to catch up on from the past week between the Pirates fight and all of the deadline trades.  Amir Garrett may have cemented himself as a fan favorite with his decision to take on the entire Pittsburgh bench by himself.  We give our thoughts on the departure of Puig, Scooter and Co., the arrival of Trevor Bauer and what the future holds for the Reds for the rest of 2019 and beyond.  We also look forward to the Bengals first preseason game and even dabble in some FC Cincinnati talk.

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Wake Up With Derek Dietrich’s 3 Home Runs From Last Night

Lord have mercy. After pissing off the Pirates fans and broadcast team for taking too long to run the bases on Monday night, Derek Dietrich had the perfect way of showing them what he thought about their faux outrage and calls for him to be plunked in the game Tuesday night.

What did he do? I’m glad you asked. Continue reading