Wake Up With Derek Dietrich’s 3 Home Runs From Last Night

Lord have mercy. After pissing off the Pirates fans and broadcast team for taking too long to run the bases on Monday night, Derek Dietrich had the perfect way of showing them what he thought about their faux outrage and calls for him to be plunked in the game Tuesday night.

What did he do? I’m glad you asked. Continue reading

Rules Don’t Apply to Golden Boy Sidney Crosby

Every sport has that player that gets unfair criticism for being the Chosen One and getting the benefit of every call. Sidney Crosby gets criticism for getting the benefit of every call, but it is not unfair.

Crosby has a well documented history of head injuries that have put his long term health in question. Some people (me) blame his series of traumatic brain injuries for the pathetic excuse of a beard he tries to grow every summer during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Sidney, of all people, should understand the risk involved when it comes to head injuries, which led to my surprise when I witnessed this during tonight’s Game 5 contest:  Continue reading