Despite What the Statistics Say, Ray Lewis Claims He Helped Lower Baltimore’s Crime Rate

ray lewis bust

Last night Ray Lewis and his bust that looks nothing like him entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in beautiful Canton, Ohio. I didn’t watch his speech for a few reasons. First off, if I wanna watch a hardened criminal that escaped conviction despite all of the facts being stacked against them, I’d watch Sons of Anarchy again. Secondly, I was watching the movie version Friday Night Lights as my annual routine to remind myself that the television show was far superior.  Continue reading

Ray Lewis Thinks Stabbing Someone Is Better Than Boating With Your Boys… My Words, Not His. (Our lawyers made me add that last part)

So let me get this straight. A guy isn’t allowed to have legal fun (if you’re willing to overlook the pot and “foreign white substance” seen in some photos), but getting all stabby in Hotlanta is acceptable?

james franco wait

That’s the way Ray Lewis sees the world.  Continue reading