Nati Boys #28: Rivalries


The NBA is back as the Nati Boys discuss Kyrie’s return to Cleveland.  He looked good in a losing effort but the big story of the game was Gordon Hayward’s nasty leg injury.  Tough break for the Celtics as he’s likely done for the season.  Rick Pitino’s exit at Louisville came quickly as he was officially terminated by the University.  He isn’t going down without a fight though, and his biggest supporter might be Dick Vitale (WARNING: flawless Dicky V impressions ahead!)  We discuss Mike Mitchell’s cheap shot on Alex Smith from the past weekend and we come to a consensus that Mike Mitchell is a dirty player.  Finally, in honor of the upcoming Bengals/Steelers matchup, we end the show with a fantasy draft of our favorite rivalries.

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Best College GameDay Sign – Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, VA, 09/30/17

This week the College GameDay crew stormed onto Virginia Tech’s campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. With GameDay back on a college campus where it belongs, I expected a better turnout than last week’s NYC showing. The nerds at Virginia Tech did not disappoint.

As expected, Dabo Swinney took another beating. This week made more sense since Virginia Tech is playing Clemson, but there’s no doubt that Dabo is the inspiration for a large percentage of all GameDay signs this year. I’m not a fan of how easy GameDay-goers are letting Nick Saban off these days, but maybe we’ll see Saban signs pick up once they get into the meat of the SEC schedule and he does something to be a dickhead.

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Rick Pitino Makes Premature Exit from Louisville

Earlier today the University of Louisville, aka University-6, fired their clean-cut head coach Rick Pitino (as first reported by the Nati Boys Podcast on tomorrow’s episode, subscribe rate and review). It’s hard to see someone like Pitino go down like this, ruining his reputation of always running a squeaky clean program wherever he went. If you can see past the sex scandals, stripper incidents, and improper benefits for players, Pitino was exactly who I’d want to pass off my future 6’9” power forward son to. You couldn’t really ask for a better role model to take the reigns of your son’s development into a man.   Continue reading

Wake Up With Whitty – 6/17/2017

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty.  This past week saw the NBA and NHL finals come to an end, so we’ve now entered that dreaded summer sports lull between when the NHL/NBA season ends and when football season gets underway.  We still have plenty to talk about this week though so sit back and enjoy.  And once you’ve woken enough to process your own thoughts, feel free to come back and tell me about how I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Continue reading