Nati Boys #82: Fat Guys in Fortnite


This week the Nati Boys discuss the Bengals’ return from the bye week, where they should be getting a few key players back from injury but also find themselves without A.J. Green for several weeks.  We react to Dez Bryant signing with the Saints, who just happen to be the Bengals’ first opponent back from the bye.  The Reds recently announced that they plan on wearing several throwback uniforms throughout the year, in honor of the team’s 150th anniversary.  Finally, we wrap up the show with a fantasy draft of costumes and skins we’d most like to see added to Fortnite, inspired by the news that NFL uniforms will now be available within the game.

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Wake Up With Whitty – 12/10/2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. I’m coming to you late once again, and in a surprisingly okay mood despite the Bengals debacle against the Bears this afternoon. That’s most likely because I slept through the majority of the game, so I didn’t actually have to experience it. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Wow Whitty, some fan you are. Not even watching your team play just because they’re having a down season? You must not be a big sports guy.” Well, my friend, I’m currently battling a severely mild upper respiratory tract infection. The fact that I even have the strength to blog right now is incredible. Hats off to me. It takes a lot of courage to fight through an ailment like this, but I’m playing hurt because of my commitment to the game and the tremendous amount of heart that I have. I bet you feel like a jerk for calling me out for napping during the Bengals game now, don’t you? You should. And you’ve officially made my list. But I’m not going to let haters like you knock me off my game. Because I’m resilient and tough and frankly I’m just happy someone is reading this. Here’s this week’s #WUWW:

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