The Reds Front Office is Done Lollygaggin’ Around. Matt Kemp Released, Scott Schebler Optioned to Triple-A

Let’s just get the Scott Schebler news out of the way first. I think we all knew this would happen and honestly, it happened a day later than I anticipated.

I assumed top prospect Nick Senzel getting called up meant Schebler was out, but they decided to wait a day on the move for whatever reason. It’s one thing to hit .123 through the first month of the season, but it’s another thing to look as lost and as clueless as Schebler has at the plate. Aside from a game here or there and his at-bat with bases loaded last night, he’s looked like a high school sophomore getting a major league call up like it’s some fucking Disney movie. Only this is real life and not a Disney movie, so the 15-year-old isn’t there to save the day. He’s gonna strike out every damn time and barely hit the ball out of the infield when he does make contact.

It’s not just a slow start either. Ever since coming back from injury in the 2018 season, he’s hit .202 and has been a pretty big disappointment following his 2017 campaign.

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Hind Sight is 20/20: The Reds Won the 2015 Todd Frazier Trade

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There are certain things that will live forever in my memory as a Cincinnati sports fan, both good and bad.  Kenyon Martin breaking his leg at the end of his senior season.  Jay Bruce’s walk-off homer to clinch the division.  Carson Palmer launching a bomb to Chris Henry in the Bengals first playoff game in more than a decade, and then immediately being carted off the field.  Todd Frazier winning the Home Run Derby on our home field at GABP during the 2015 All-Star festivities.

Todd was a fan favorite for the Reds, and the fan outrage was real when he got flipped for a few prospects, notably Scott Schebler and Jose Peraza.  Frazier is a very likable guy, always with a smile on his face, and he really seemed to connect with the fans in Cincinnati.  I vividly remember one of the local news channels running a story about an elderly lady, who had been a Reds fan her entire life, saying that she would no longer be watching games since they traded him.

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