Mac’s Morning Music 1/26/18: Shark Tank – Out for a Rip

From the Great White North, like, up above the States.. that big land mass that the rest of the world hates.. I present to you: Shark Tank. Just a couple of bahds drinking beer and rippin’ darts taking you into the weekend. Be careful out there this weekend when you take ‘er out for a rip.

How Did I Just Now Discover How Badass Shark Tank Is?

I’m not sure if it’s a rite of passage into being old and washed up or I completely missed the boat, but I found myself watching reruns of Shark Tank on CNBC the other night and I LOVED IT. How have I not been watching this shit the whole time? It has literally everything you could want in a reality show. Underdogs to root for, assholes to see crash and burn while you get some perverse satisfaction from seeing a smug prick get told off by Mark Cuban. Did you know that dude is worth 3.3 BILLION with a B dollars? That’s not just fuck-you-money. That’s fuck-you-and-all-of-your-ancestors-money. How this dude doesn’t just pull the trigger and drop $500k on every idea he sees is beyond me. I’d be a terrible Shark because I’d be throwing money around like Pacman Jones in a Vegas strip club.   Continue reading

Shark Tank, Maverick Tank.. Who Gives a S#!t?

B/R – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban admitted Wednesday the franchise tried to lose games after being eliminated from contention for the 2017 NBA playoffs.

Dallas finished the regular season with the league’s ninth-worst record after posting a 2-8 record over its final 10 games. It missed the Western Conference playoffs by eight games.

I honestly don’t see what everyone is getting riled up about. Teams have always done this, but Mark Cuban just happens to be the person who will openly admit it because he doesn’t care what Adam Silver or anyone else in the NBA thinks. But then again, Cuban seems like the exact person who would lash out at another owner if they were to say this publicly. Continue reading