Nati Boys #29: The World Series is Going On?


The Nati Boys get you ready for the sports weekend, with topics including Martavis Bryant being benched by the Steelers and Eric Bledsoe being benched by the Suns.  Are the Warriors becoming the evil empire now?  And surprise, surprise, the Sixers #1 overall pick is injured!  We make our NFL picks, and talk a little bit about the World Series, and the Opening Day Reds parade not being on Opening Day next year.  We wrap the show up with a Fantasy Draft of our favorite TV shows that were cancelled too early.  Enjoy the show!

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Wake Up With Whitty – 8/5/2017

Welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty.  August is now upon us as football season is less than a month away.  The NFL preseason kicked off earlier this week with the Cowboys beating the Cardinals in the Hall of Fame game (glad to see they got their field paint situation sorted out) and the college football season gets started in just 3 short weeks.  So sit tight folks, pretty soon you’ll have another reason to get out of bed on the weekends besides some blogger’s weekly posts about nothing.  But for now, you’re stuck with me, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Cavs Vs. Warriors. It’s Happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the NBA Playoffs.  There have been some great series so far, and watching John Wall talk trash to anything that moves has been thoroughly entertaining.  The heroics of Isaiah Thomas have been amazing, and watching the Cavs and Warriors dismantle teams has been fun at times (boring most of the time, though).

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